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Are strawberries more flavorful and sweeter this year?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) August 4th, 2012

I’ve noticed several batches of strawberries this year are sweeter and more flavorful. Have they genetically engineered better tasting strawberries?

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No, the dry, sunny, weather does that.

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I was hearing on the radio how the drought has made peaches smaller and sweeter. Itay also be true of strawberries.

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A piece in Time magazine said that fruit grown in the drought areas is apt to be sweeter because it’s more concentrated. Peaches and watermelon were two examples. By contrast, some things will be bitterer (carrots) or more pungent (onions).

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@Jeruba:Welcome back. I’ve missed you.

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I noticed it when I was in Vancouver a few weeks ago. I hadn’t eaten many strawberries this season, but when I was on vacation they were served with a meal I ordered and I commented to my husband how flavorful they were. Interesting to see the explanations above.

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I got a pint of strawberries that was the most amazing thing I’ve ever had!

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Not in Northern Europe. Not enough sunshine and too much rain.

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