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Do you work at home or know of legit home jobs?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) August 7th, 2012

I dont want to pay to work. I know there is legit customer service jobs where you can work from home. Do you guys know where these jobs are?

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I have a friend who works for Jet Blue in her home. I think it’s setting up itinerary for customers. She has a room dedicated to it, with 2 computers, and everything. It’s good money for her.

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1–800-FLOWERS hires seasonally and is a reputable company.

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Also, depending on your skills level, Anthem/Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers work from home jobs. Check out careers on their website.

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Depending on your skill and specialties you could be working for basically any travel agency and still be making a nice big salary.

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