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When you lose something do you tear the house apart?

Asked by JLeslie (65329points) August 7th, 2012

Do you tear it apart and then shove everything back in it’s old place? Or, do you take it as an opportunity to actually throw things away and clean up?

I am currently missing two things, a discount card worth quite a bit that I promised to someone, and my eye glasses. Tomorrow I am going to dedicate an hour to try and find them. I have already searched quite a bit for both.

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Depends what I have lost. If it is something very precious and I am panicking I will probably tear around madly for it. If that doesn’t succeed, I will spend some time mentally back-tracking to see if I can remember when I last saw it and finally, if all else failed I will start to methodically go through things and yes, probably tidy things as I go.

If it was a discount card or something like that I would look in key places and quite possibly use the opportunity to tidy drawers etc. as I went.

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This is going to sound stupid, but I really don’t lose things. I don’t know why I always remember where I put things, but if I don’t, I know they are in one of two or three places, and that’s where it always is.
Things that go missing (like bobby pins), I know my cats stole, so there is no sense in even trying to find them.
If I am going through something for any reason, if I’m not in a hurry, I like to organize… unless it is my husband’s stuff. His stuff is a mess and very disorganized, and I don’t bother with trying to fix it.

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I don’t often lose things and I get very irritated when I do. I search in all the likely places and then the unlikely and when I come across junk I don’t need I make a mental note to throw it out later. I am focussed on finding what is lost and I don’t allow myself to get distracted.

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Yes, I rip it right down to its foundations and whoever is with me stands and stares in blank amazement!

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If I do that I never find what I’m looking for. I like to go really calm and then look for it slowly and thoroughly and shazam, there it is.

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The only things I ever really lose are my phone and my iPod, both of which I lose pretty much at least once a day. I don’t tear the house apart because I know I probably just left them in a stupid place, like in the bathroom or under my duvet. I just walk around the house retracing my steps until I find them.

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I am very organized. If I lose something, that is a sign to me to clean up.

by the way, your glasses are in the bathroom drawer

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Did you check your head for your glasses. I lose mine all the time up there. LOL
Or the car?
But I do tear up the house sometimes. I’ve conquered this lately by deciding to use, looking as a reason to organize better as I go looking. Before I know it I find it. Sometimes the sad thing is I quite organizing once I find it. :(

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Yep, I make a huge mess when I am looking for whatever it is that I am missing. But then again my mom taught me that you have to get dirty in order to get clean.

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I try not to tear the house apart, that way I never find anything!

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