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How would you describe your mood today?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11085points) August 8th, 2012

This would be mine, sadly.

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I’m bored and frustrated. Waiting on some work to do.

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I would say that I am in a carefree mood today. At this moment I am loving life.

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I wish you all felt the same.

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I woke up in a terrible mood, dreading a long-ish day of data collection. Then my research participants canceled. So now I don’t have to work late, but I also don’t get the fucking data.

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I am happy every day.

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I’m okay. I woke up feeling good, jolly.
Then I had an appointment with the dentist and had two teeth taken out. So now I’m feeling sore, frustrated and hungry lol!
But not too bad :)

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Like I got run over by a bus. Twice.

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Restless, uncertain, but in a decent mood just the same. It’s really kind of weird.

{hugs} to every jelly who needs one.

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Indifferent in a way, nothing much, I don’t really know to be honest.

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Kinda feel like this bro right there.

Except I got The Walking Dead video game, so actually now, I feel a bit more like this

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Today was actually a decent day for me. Still pissy and anti-social, but not as much as usual. :D

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A bit edgy. I had a nice day but I have a lot of important tasks I have to complete when I get back from holiday next week and they are weighing on my mind. I feel like I should work with them now (on my holidays) so I can be sure to get them done, but then I feel a bit resentful that I should feel that have to do that. The resentment is winning out right now.

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Disappointed with myself.

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I feel like cruising down the streets of Siam.

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Happy. England beat Italy in football today :D :D :D

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