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Simple question. Are you happy?

Asked by Jude (32134points) July 6th, 2010

Well, are you?

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Nope. Far from it.

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As happy as I can be with my husband deployed. I’ll be much happier when he gets home.

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I’m starting to feel happy again, after a depression that started around the time that I got my BA. Maybe it was because the four years were over.

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So and so.
In two and a half week i’ll see my girlfriend again…, that’ll do me good.

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Yes, generally.

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No, I happen to be grieving at the moment. It will pass, and then I will get back to being happy.

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Happy is a transient emotion. No one is happy 100% of the time. Sometimes I’m happy. Probably less than most, but more than some.

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Pinch me as I am as happy as all get out! ;)

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no. but no one was guaranteed happiness.

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At this moment I am very happy.

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I have moments of true joy in my life, periods of contentment, and times where I accept my life as it is. I am as happy as I can be because I have accepted the things I cannot change and I know better than trying to change the people in my life.

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I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

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pretty much. not right now though

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I spent a lot of my life being depressed, lonely, and alienated. But now, I’m pretty thrilled with life. I’m slightly down because my boyfriend just left for New Zealand yesterday, and won’t be back til mid-November, but I’m going to have fun sending him bunches of e-mails, letters, care packages, little gifts, etc. I’m gonna try to make the best of it. I’ve got great friends, great family, an education, a job, boyfriend, a comfortable home, enjoying my summer break with no stress…no real complaints. Trying to enjoy this period while it lasts. Once school rolls around, I’ll probably still be happy, but the work definitely stresses me out.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

I’m actually so happy right now that I feel guilty about it. I feel that I have no right to be happy without Meghan to share it. I’m really quite confused.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Now, that’s what I like to hear!

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On a scale of 1–10 my happiness level hovers around an 8.5 lol

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No. Probably the unhappiest I have been in a long time.

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I wish my son was.

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I have my wonderful moments of happiness – some last longer than others. I’d certainly say that all’s well and I’ll become happier with time

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Beverly Sills, with one deaf child and one with Down’s syndrome, said that she was not happy but content.

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Well, I’m battling a bit of depression (sans drugs), but, I’ll get there.

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Even though the kids are sick and we have no money and the future is uncertain, I am happy because I am luckier than so many others and those others never leave my conscience.

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Yes,thanks for asking:)

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Yes, I’m very happy.

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Not really, I’ve been better before, but it could be much worse. At least I now got AC in this dump haha.

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happy seems so trite. I’m content, and fulfilled. I think that’s better than happy :3

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It’s a bit twisted that I am suspicious of happy but content feels pretty good right now in spite of so many things leaving my control.

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Yes, I am happy.

@chyna I love you sis, big hugs and lots of prayers.

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I’m happy because I know I am loved, not so happy to not know where our family will be living in the next few months. the knowing I’m loved part kind of makes up for the latter

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@jonsblond and we all love you guys, too! Hang in there.

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Currently: Not so much. Tired from work, kids are being loud and fighting.

But as a rule, I’m a happy person. I try to always have a smile or a joke with people.

josie's avatar

Simple answer. Very

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Happy and content with my life and future possibilities- unhappy about the sad things going on in the world. Learning what I can cotrol and what I can’t helps.

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I have bouts of sublime contentedness punctuated by periods of anxiety. A nice steak and a movie can tickle me pink and then a nagging thought can buzz around like a mosquito in my brain…but buzzing mosquitoes are quickly squashed.

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Fairly happy. If I could change one thing I’d be much happier. I want to be closer to someone who is so far away. :(

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@Allie ::we always have iChat :-)

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

Feeling guilty about being happy…

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Don’t. You’re wonderful.

She’d want you to be happy.

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I second what @jjmah says.

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@johnpowell Oh, mi amor. <3

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@jjmah @Symbeline Today is eight months. Just feeling a bit maudlin.

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Yes. Very happy. I insist on it;-)

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i am but.. and it’s curious that i should say “but” at all, because it was suppose to be a simple question… but there are some things I really want to accomplish that I simply haven’t yet. Lacking these accomplishments makes me feel.. unsatisfied with myself. But maybe that feeling is irrelevant. Maybe I’m simply happy and unsatisfied with life, just as very hungry person is happy to be having his first bite of food, even though he hasn’t yet engulfed it.

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Yes…happiness is the frosting of contentment.

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No. I’m unsatisfied and disheartened with where I am and angry at myself for getting there.

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Nope. I’m Dopey.

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You’d think I’d be more upset given my situation, but I’m not. I’m feeling pretty good.

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Ok, @Coloma twisted my arm to say it, I’m happy!

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Atta boy/girl? lol

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I’m happy that I have a great sense of humor…notice my avatar?

It’s making a point in another thread right now..then…who knows…haha

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Yes for me, although, as most, I have my moments.

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I wouldn’t say I’m happy at the moment, because our financial situation (and my health situation) are, um, really crappy. However, I am content. I get moments of pure joy every so often, too.

I’m really glad to feel this way, after struggling with depression and anxiety for so many years.

@jjmah I hope you find your happy place, soon! ♥

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@Blondesjon Strange, I had you pegged as Drinky.

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I’m happier

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Is it weird that I have no interest talking to my Mom’s family? Not that they’ve done anything wrong, it’s just that it’s too hard for me to put forth the effort. I don’t know…

A bit of depression, yep.

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Yes! Right now I am extremely happy!

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A see a light at the end of the tunnel, kids. :)

got some things worked out

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I have a hard time staying depressed for more than 5 minutes, even when I should be, but I don’t really have any reason for that right now. It’s summer, I don’t have to go to school, don’t have to work, I hang out with friends a bunch, been playing a lot of sports, just got back from vacation, and I know some awesome people. Life’s pretty good.

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Yup… Life’s great

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I’m more happy now than I ever thought I would be under these circumstances, namely being up to my boots in animal poop.

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There are times when I’m high up in the mountains and then there are rare and brief times when I’m below sea level but generally I hang out just above sea level. Only a crazy person is happy ALL of the time.

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Oh, and yarn. I take immense pleasure in making a piece of string. How can something as simple as a piece of string make me so content with life? I don’t really know, but it sure does. I’m pretty sure I’m close to discovering some really big life mystery with this happiness found in simplicity.

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” Only a crazy person is happy all the time.”

Or an enlightend one. ;-)

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It would take some the enlightenment of a Kahuna to be happy when life deals a big bummer like terminal cancer or some clown plows into you on the freeway.

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@dynamicduo you’d do fine in a 19th century asylum, prison, or workhouse picking oakum.

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I think you may have already discovered it.

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Indeed I would be happy then, @anartist. But I do love today’s technology! I’d probably go stir-crazy without the internet back then.

@SeventhSense Awesome, now I need to make it into a book and make a bazillion dollars, like The Secret did.

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Ahh you just lost it again.

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Yes. But the need for self-actualization especially the quest for knowledge is a live-long endeavor.

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I’m both happy and contented.

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Not as happy as I should be. I’m usually in a state of limbo or just plain grim.

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