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Is Canada the US's hat? or is the US Canada's pants?

Asked by Haleth (19546points) August 9th, 2012

This is a serious question for matters of both national pride and haberdashery.

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Can we say Canada is America’s brain, and America is Canada’s heart? If there must be a hat, perhaps Canada is holding it over America’s heart. ;)

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US is the cone. Canada is the ice cream. Alaska is the cherry on top.

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Canada might be a feather in the cap of USA.

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No USA is the cap of Canada this is not right. Yes Canada might be the cap of USA.

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@Haleth: Were you listening to John Siuntress interview Matt Fraction?

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Alaska :: hat

Canaduh :: head

‘Merica of these United States :: shirt

Mexico :: pants

Central America :: shoes

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Perhaps Canada is sitting on the United State’s face.

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I’ve always thought Canada was the US’s kinder/gentler twin, like Schwarzenegger over De Vito.

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U.S is definitely trousers. Canada is a jacket that goes well with the trousers.
I didn’t say pants because pants has a slang meaning in Britain; exactly what, I’m not sure. Can someone tell me?

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Canada is the heart and the US the troubled soul of the continent. I’m not saying what Mexico is.

Don’t read anything into that.

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North is not really “up” at all, of course. It’s arbitrary, not gravitational. Consider this map, which is just as true as the conventional view.

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@Jeruba that kind of made me dizzy. he,he
Is there really no up or down?

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I don’t understand the question. I’m thinkng the terms hat and oants have meanings I don’t realize. To me they are both just countries. If Canada was on the continent of Europe it would still be Canada. I guess in a way Canada and the US are like sisters different, but similar, and are familiar.

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@JLeslie I don’t understand the question.

Hehe, there’s an understatement :)

On a conventional map, Canada is on top of the US. So if countries were clothing, since Canada is on top, it could be looked at the USA’s ‘hat’. Etc, etc.

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@FutureMemory I understand that. You would be amazed at how many countries I can place on a map in the Americas…from Argentina to Alaska. What I don’t understand is if hat has a double meaning?

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Hmmm. @JLeslie So if it did have a double meaning, what would that be? Hypothetically speaking? What goes through that double-thinking mind of yours? Just take a wild swing at it. Or better yet, two or three!

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@wundayatta I would guess it is always more attractive to be up near the head, rather than down by the bottom? Kind of like a horse costume, who wants to be the hind part? But, that wasn’t what immediately jumped into my head. At first I was just wondering if I was missing something in the reference. North, south, who decided north is up anyway? As we spin through the solar system?

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I blame white man!

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America would be very cold without the toque that is Canada

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@Jeruba Have you seen The Butterfly?
@JLeslie “North” was defined by the position of what we now call the North Star, which does not change, being at the axis upon which the zodiac spins. It is more or less directly “above” the Earth’s axis. The other three directions were derived from it.

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@Nullo I had forgotten about that. The north star used for navigation, yes of course that makes sense. Do the maps used by people who live in the southern hemisphere, still make north the top of the page?

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@JLeslie No idea. I’ve only ever seen classroom maps and travel atlases. It’s now the dominant orientation.

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