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Doesn't it bother the Republicans that they are trying to steal the election?

Asked by filmfann (50086points) August 11th, 2012

The Republican Party seems hellbent on stealing this election by disenfranchising voters, and allowing polls to be open longer for Republican voting districts than Democrat voting districts.
I am not making this up.
Don’t they have any conscience about stealing an election? Don’t they see the slippery slope they are on? It’s funny to me, because they say loudly how much they love America, yet they are eager to ruin exactly what it stands for, as long as their guy wins.

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They have their followers fooled already that it is about “voter fraud”, which is practically non-existent. The brainwashing of their flock is already so complete, that even a blatant admission of their voter suppression intent will not change their false belief.

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No, they have proven for years they have no conscience about stealing elections, why would you expect a change now when they have such lousy candidates?

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It’s not stealing if they can pass laws that make it legal.

The question is—can there be too high a cost for winning? Can you win the election and destroy the society?

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There is no study or example of voter ID laws disenfranchising anyone expect illegals. It’s common sense which is why Democrats have so much trouble with it.

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Actually, it’s being bought and paid for.

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@wundayatta They are destroying our society. Compromise is no longer even considered. We are so far from having an efficient government that I give us about 25 to 50 years before we become a totalitarian state. I hate to say that, but I think it’s true.

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No, it does not bother them at all & it has been over a decade in the making. One has to wonder why anyone who actually works for a living would vote for any Republican, but it seems that lies repeated often enough become accepted as being true. So we will have voters going to the polls to vote for Republicans, and against their own best interests. And I agree with @Sunny2 about the potential that America will become a totalitarian state.

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@Jaxk Turns out that in Pennsylvania, the voter ID law disproportionately affects black, urban, poor people. They are the ones without cars, so don’t need a license. They are the ones with no money for transportation to the state ID centers. They are the ones who don’t realize they are now required to have ID.

So the case is being made. The data are there. It remains to see whether the Republican court is smart enough to understand the data and do the right thing. If so, the voter ID law will be overthrown.

There is no reason for voter ID laws. There is no fraud to speak of. The only reason for such laws, as the Republicans in Pennsylvania said, is to throw the race to the Mormon. We’ll soon find out what the courts decide. And then there will be appeals.

But your statement is factually wrong. You should read the papers from Philly if you actually care about whether you tell the truth or not. There’s been a study a month about this, it seems. Check this one out.

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LMFAO!!!! Thee thought of Republicans with consciences. Makes me giggle :O

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A discussion about american politics, how fascinating. Yawn.

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I think we should ID people at the polls and we should provide state, or even better federal, ID for everyone. A passport card would ensure a person is a citizen. I lean left, but I don’t see how people can claim there is only whatever low percent of voting fraud, when fraud would be to some extent not caught or reported. I am sure no matter what it is a low percentage, but I also feel pretty sure the percentage is higher than whatever the democrats claim. I also think the republicans are trying to make it very difficult for minorities to vote. I think it is all true all at once. I really don’t see why everyone cannot agree on what seems to be the obvious solution to provide ID’s for people, and to ID people at the polls. At the same time, absentee and mail in ballots don’t require ID I guess? I never did one. So, there is a loophole right there anyway.

As far as closing the polls early, that is dispicable.

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Pennsylvania was giving free DOT IDs to residents in order for them to comply with the new voter ID requirements. ACLU reps and other civil liberty groups said it was unfair to expect everyone to produce the proper ID (Social Security card or birth certificate) to obtain the free ID.

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@bkcunningham I can see how it could be a hassle to come up with those things if someone was elderly.

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A lot of people without ID in PA don’t have access to their social security card or birth certificate. It has to be trivially easy to invent a SSN and fake a card, but I guess not.

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Maybe they could grandfather people in somehow? I have no idea how though. There are probably elderly people who do not have a birth certificate. If someone works in America they should have a social security number. Isn’t that card free? I don’t remember. Not that I think everyone has their social security card handy. I could lose it and not know for years. I never use it. I keep it in a place, but if I lost it moving or something I might not realize for a long time. Same with my birth certificate. My husband keeps one of mine somewhere. But, I have ID, so I never need my social security card or my birth certificate.

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Have you seen the meteors??!! I can’t find the thread that this comment belongs on but I just came inside very excited and wanted to see if anyone else has been looking up in the beautiful night sky!

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I agree with you, @filmfann, but can I point out that this question is horribly, horribly weighted? I know that there’s no rule here about questions being biased or spun, but this seems a tad unlikely to foster any sort of worthwhile discussion in its current form.

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You know what the US needs? A nice big revolution restart button

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@DeanV The link provided shows a Republican admitting that this is what they are doing.

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Do you suppose that it bothers rattlesnakes that it is their nature to bite?

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@Jaxk You never cease to amaze me by the depths of partisan absurdity you are willing to broadcast as obvious facts. Illegal aliens voting is voter fraud. It that’s happening, prosecute it. If Democrats are conspiring to make it happen, expose them and bring them to justice.

But after all the yammering about voter fraud in 2008, Republicans investigated. How many cases were they able to find? Look it up. It’s fixing a problem that doesn’t exist. In Pennsylvania there were exactly 0 personal voting fraud cases prosecuted after the 2008 and 2010 election. But 700,000 Pennsylvanians who have always voted think they have the proper ID and do not under the new voter suppression laws. They are largely minorities, students and the elderly—all Democratic leaning blocks. Here’s Republican State Rep. Mike Turzai boasting to a GOP crowd about the rigged election.

But while Republicans bellow about voter fraud in every election they lose, they also shamelessly push the limits of gerrymandering. In Ohio, the controlling GOP is extending voting hours in rural counties where they routinely win, but cutting back hours in urban centers Democrats win; even though with the previous hours, there were lines blocks long and as many as 100,000 people had to return to work without being able to vote. Face it, democracy is something Republicans export at the point of a gun for other people. Here at home, the Reich-wing wants permanent single-party rule by the GOP.

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You guys wanna argue about voter fraud, shouldn’t you really be arguing about election fraud?

Do not overlook this(as most of you already have).

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@SquirrelEStuff This question is about election fraud. That’s what it’s called when you attempt to disenfranchise voters to steal an election. Also, the fact that this question is about the voter suppression laws doesn’t mean that anyone has overlooked the problems you point out. They’re just not the topic here. You might as well go into a research lab where people are trying to cure AIDS and ask “what about cancer?”

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Another front page article in the Inky today about how there is no voter fraud.

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