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Can I use any USB mic on a ps3 online, or does it have to be special for the ps3?

Asked by monsoon (2505points) June 2nd, 2008 from iPhone
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You use the same mic, always.

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what? I want a new mic. ...what?

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Ok, same type of mic, ps3 mic. Ha.

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lame. Well where can I get a good one? Nothing ever says, like, “ps3 compatible” or anything. The one I have from my ps2 is really cheap.

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All of ps2’s are compatible, so just look for a good one for Playstation 2, I’ve never had a problem with a ps2 controller except the time I broke my joypad because I got a thing for THUG2.

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You can use any USB mic. I use a logitech headset from my computer with no problems whatsoever.

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You can also use any Bluetooth headset or earpiece so if you have one for your cell phone there ya go. And no wires.

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i dont no wat 2 use can i use a stupid guitar quero mic

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