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You have a standard eye-shape, slightly deep set, and slightly wide apart. It is also hard to see as you are pulling a face.

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Why the ongoing obsession with your facial features. Are you spending too much time with a magnifying glass staring at yourself?

Your questions. See a pattern here?

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@gailcalled These things are important to women! so we know how to apply our make up, where when and what!

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True, but how many answers to the same question is enough?

When I wore eye-make up, the descriptions didn’t matter. I looked in a mirror and applied what where and how. It seemed pretty straightforward.

If I call it an “epicanthic fold” or not, it’s still there, hanging over my eye.

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@RockerChick14 I agree with Gail. What’s going on? Unless you have some malady that makes you unable to see, how come you don’t know what color your hair is, or whether your skin has an olive tone. And why does any of it matter? It seems like something else is going on. Care to share?

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