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What activity, were you to be caught doing, would cause you the most personal embaressment?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14664points) August 13th, 2012

My daughter caught me watching the end of a Batman cartoon this evening, after I had put the boys to sleep.

I am weighing whether or not I would have felt less embarrassment had Cinemax been on.

And please list who you would find to be the most humiliating person who could possible discover you.

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Me, watching my favorite cartoons from when I was a kid. Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who does that.

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Reading while on the toilet, and I would be very embarrassed if anyone besides my immediate family found out (my brother and sister already make enough fun of me for it, I don’t think I could handle anyone else finding out lol)

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Milo here; Watching Jacques P├ępin and Julia Childs cooking reruns. If Gail caught me, she might actually expect me to prepare my own little gourmet meals, complete with chiffonades and a bouquet garni, plus a radish flower and a black olive stuffed with a macerated currant berry.

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Really? No one has mentioned bedroom activities yet?
Maybe I just have particularly embarrassing hobbies…

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Geez, none of that stuff is embarrassing. Embarrassing is being walked in on while whacking off in the living room most embarrassing is whacking off in the living room to something odd like Shark Week.

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@jordym84 Reading while taking a shit is very common, that’s why some people have magazine racks in the bathroom. Nothing embarrassing there.

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Being caught participating in the aforementioned bedroom activities, even if they happen elsewhere, for sure.

Or singing to myself at the top of my lungs. I’m pretty bad.

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I have fun making faces at myself in the bathroom mirror. I’d be embarrassed if I was caught doing so. I certainly wouldn’t be able to explain myself. I can make pretty silly faces.

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Hmm. Masturbating or picking my nose… which would be worse? I think it’s a tie.

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I accidentally sent a sext to my mother….whos name was right over my current SO at the time… that was embarassing.

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I think @augustlan hit the nail on the head.

I can’t believe people feel embarrassed about watching cartoons or reading on the loo. I read on the loo very regularly. The work related content is more embarrassing than the reading habit.

I also watch cartoons. My husband came home to see me watching Chorlton and Wheelies the other day. Oh and Danger Mouse. I love Danger Mouse! I have also watched Rick Mayall reading kids stories. Embrace your inner child!

jca's avatar

Anything involving sex or masterbation, because I think it involves a person at their most uninhibited.

Also, @augustlan had a good point about picking the nose, not that I’d ever admit to doing such a thing!

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A slip when applying simple multiplication tables in my head.

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Playing hopscotch dressed as the easter bunny & only then if the wife recognised me.

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Mastrubating while watching cartoons.

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I don’t wanna tell hoho.

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Given my current medical situation I’d have to say, changing my own nappies.

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Embarrassing is being walked in on while whacking off in the living room most embarrassing is whacking off in the living room to something odd like Shark Week.


hardcore, bro

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@zenvelo Everyone does it, true, but not many people would actually want to admit to it here we have the benefit of anonymity so that doesn’t count. It’s an unspoken truth, yes, but having my friends know that I do it would be very embarrassing to me lol

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@jordym84; Having your friends know that you read while on the toilet would embarrass you? The interesting question is “How many people do not read while sitting on the toilet?”

I can see, however, that there might be difficulties if you were holding a magazine with one hand and using the other to pee while standing at a urinal.

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@gailcalled as an FYI, as I know you are a lady of distinction, men’s urinals in some bars have framed reading material above the urinals. It is not omnipresent, but appears quite often.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought: Ooh, I do love learning new things. Perhaps, as guys age and have prostate problems, they stand still long enough to read an op-ed article?

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@gailcalled It’s just not something we talk about, so in my mind it would be embarrassing…

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^^^Maybe you need new friends. (How old are you?)

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@gailcalled LOL I’m happy with my group of friends, it’s just that I myself am a bit reserved and like to keep certain things private so I don’t discuss that with everyone. I’m not embarrassed if my closest friends (like the ones I’ve known all my life) know that I read in the loo, in my original answer I was referring to people I’m not that close to, like casual friends, acquaintances, co-workers, strangers, etc. I’m 24.

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It’s the classiest bars and restaurants that have the sports page above the urinals.

What’s wrong with reading a magazine while taking a leak? I have two hands, I only need one to pee.

@jordym84 I’ve never heard before this thread of people being shy about reading while taking a dump. Geez, where I work a large percentage carry a section of the paper into the john everyday.

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@zenvelo: Me neither, I was pretty surprised to hear that that is the most embarrassing thing someone my age can come up with. (And at my work, people leave a whole newspaper in the #2 stall every day, haha…)

I do so many grievously embarrassing things in private, I don’t even know where to start…

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@zenvelo; I won’t ask how you turn a page.

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@zenvelo and @bookish1 I’m surprised also, but by the fact that people are open about reading in the loo and I don’t mean that in a condescending way. I guess I just always thought it was a bigger deal than it actually is because I never hear anyone admit that they do it, so I always assumed it was one of those things that people just don’t talk about lol I guess you do learn something new every day :)

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HI, I’m Gail. (Hi, Gail.) I have read on the toilet since I learned how to read.

My mother was a chatterer, and in order to find some peace and quiet, my father spent a huge amounts of time locked in the bathroom with a book.

That is one of my very earliest memories.

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Hi Gail. I’m Jordy. I have read on the toilet since before I learned how to read lol

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@jordym84: See how easy that was.

Check out how many of your family and friends have reading material in their bathrooms.

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@gailcalled peeing doesn’t take long enough to have to turn the page….

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@jordym84 : I used to play my Gameboy on the loo, as well :-p Is that embarrassing?
But now reading for me is such a habit, if I can’t find a book or newspaper, I’ll read the bloody label of a box of toothpaste if I have to, haha.

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@bookish1 I just burst out laughing at the last part of your comment because I do the same thing, too!! Whenever I forget reading material, I find myself frantically searching around the bathroom for something with words on it and, more often than not, product labels come to the rescue haha

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@jordym84: Haha, right on :-p In my hostel in France, I pretty much memorized the air freshener label in two languages!

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I do the same thing. I’ll read other people’s shampoo bottles if they don’t have reading material in there!

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