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You've got to have a good sense of humor if you . . .

Asked by Jeruba (51857points) August 14th, 2012

engage in geriatric sex.

How do you finish that sentence?

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…can laugh at yourself.

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Fart a lot.

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clean porta-potties for a living.

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sit on the board of directors for a community theater organization like I do. Oy!

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Want to hang with me..

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…find Paris Hilton a good role model.

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… have surgery that requires a catheter bag for recovery.

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…inadvertently voted for Romney because you were too drunk.

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live with Flatcoated Retrievers!

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MIlo here; live with Gail.

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…have a dirty job.

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are a Proctologist/OBGYN

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(Waiting for someone to say: ...are, or are going to be, a parent.)

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…..want to live a long life.

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are in a situation where shooting people is not an option.

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…want to be a mod. ;)

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Are a comedian. Duh.

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…. drop the Thanksgiving turkey on the floor.

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Teach preschool…or bartend. Same day, different size clients.

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@zensky two very different areas of clinical study. I think one specialist would need humor much more desperately than the other.

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I think anything to do with our “plumbing” requires a sense of humour. Front, back, male or female (or a combination thereof) – one would need both sensitivity and shit, man, a sense of humour.

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consider the platypus.

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