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What is the closest you came to getting caught, but you still got away?

Asked by wundayatta (58706points) February 13th, 2009

How did you manage to get away? Why were in that predicament in the first place?

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5 a.m. after a long night of drinking I was leaving a restaurant and pulled out of the parking lot onto the road unnecessarily fast and right in front of a cop. (I was too drunk to notice it was a cop car.) He pulled me over a couple blocks later.
When asked why I pulled out so fast my response was, “Honestly, I saw a car coming and tried to beat it. I’m a fucking idiot. Sorry about that. It was fucking stupid.” All the while I was keeping my eyes shielded behind the wind deflector so he couldn’t see all the blood my eye veins has accumulated.
He checked the computer, came back, and let me go. “Be a little more careful. There’s a lot of guys that would give you a ticket for that.” I couldn’t believe it.

I’ve got more but I’m not going to take up any more space than this.

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When HE returned and started shooting, we all realized there WAS a rear door to Rosie’s Cantina. Need I say more ?

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I have played cat and mouse with cops and security guards for years skating around parking garages, downtowns, schools, private property where skating is not tolerated. One time I was skating with some young cats like 14 or 15 and I was 22–23 at the time. We were skating a parking garage that was a known bust but it had this tempting ledge that grinded like butter. Its me and 4 of the young guys sessioning when a cop car pulled in one side real quick and two cops jumped out. They grabbed two of the young guys. I ran the other way thru the garage to the side of the block. A single cop appeared and jumped out of his cruiser grabbed another kid runing the same way I was. The cop was on top of the one kid and yelled for me to stop. The other kid still running stopped when the cop yelled at us. I ran like 20 blocks the wrong way home and declared Ollie Ollie Oxen Free. The old skater got away (me) and the young cats all got there boards confiscated and got a ticket and had to court for trespassing.

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I find this question slightly depressing, I always seem to get caught.

The first time I ditched in high school I got away with it. But I felt so guilty I told my dad.

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Every time I went to see my long distance boyfriend, we almost got caught by the set of parents who wasn’t aware that a visit was happening. I’ve had a few run ins with cops where I’ve gotten away… I was drinking with some friends in a park and a cop drove in on the grass and we all scattered. My freshman RA almost caught me smoking weed in my room. My parents have almost caught me doing a lot of things in the past, but I always seem to get out of it somehow.

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this is just the first thing that came to me, but my friend and i went to see my chemical romance, and they’ve been my favourite band for years, so we wanted to meet them afterward. of course the security was really uptight there and kept trying to clear out the people waiting, but we ended up finding a few determined people still there (they weren’t annoying fangirls, they just wanted to say hi to the band, etc). there were like cops driving around trying to find us and escort us away but we hid in the bushes. it was so awesome haha, the cops/security guards were all like right near us but didn’t catch us.

we didn’t get to meet the band (though we did wave to frank iero), but it was such a fun experience, and the people i met were really awesome. and one of the roadies for the opening band (muse) gave us a chocolate cake.

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A group of us had been drinking beer and couldn’t find a public restroom. The guys went off to pee against the wall of a building and I went off to find a bush. The guys were ticketed for public urination. I just kept quiet until the cops went away.

Otherwise I tend to follow the rules if I know what they are.

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One time me and my boyfriend pulled into this empty field up near a fence next to a shed. We were in the back seat making out when all of a sudden there was a bright light shining into the window. Yea it was a cop. Told us to get out of the car and all that, and it turned out my boy friend left his brake lights on. Cop was actually rather nice although his buddy was an ass. He thought the bag full of Allegra allergy medicine was some kind of illegal substance. Anyway the cop called my house but luckily he didn’t give the details about how we were in the back seat, and that we were just out after curfew. Also luckily it was only my nana at home. She decided to not tell my grandparents whom I live with. Because if she did I wouldn’t have seen my boyfriend much afterwards. So even thought the cops caught us, the people who really mattered didn’t.

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