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Do you ever get sick and tired of your spouse? When especially?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) June 2nd, 2008

Share your stories.. I would love to hear them.

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I’d answer but it might be considered an act of treason….
sorry ; x

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I wouldn’t be doing to good if I couldn’t stand my GF, if that was how it is we would have broken up by now. If I just simply can’t stand the person then I never get with them.

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Yes, but usually it’s because of my own state of mind-stressed out or moody-it is difficult to listen to her needs and I don’t feel like venting about work issues to her. Sometimes I just prefer silence as a means to sort out problems, and she is more the type to want to discuss and be a support-which I appreciate, but, sometimes I feel as if I’m insulting her by wanting to keep my own thoughts.

I’m learning how to voice to her that I’m into thinking stuff through, and saying that I appreciate her support and will ask for feedback when it is needed, but itis hard to do that sometimes.

It’s not as bad as it sounds, but it’s taken a long time to get here (18 years together), and like all things in life and relationships, there’s an ebb and flow to it. I do try to keep it respectful though whenever this happens.

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I cannot stand the constant nannging

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SndfreQ’s answer is probably true of a lot of people. Relationship frustrations usually have more to do with each person and their own histories than they do with the other person. They give rise to situations where you come into contact with yourself and your own shortcomings, and frequently it has to do with childhood issues. If a person does something that unnerves or frustrates you then in a lot of cases you’ll find they’re doing something that’s annoyed you for many years in your life, sometimes the ways our parents did or didn’t deal with us when we were children that we were at that time powerless to fight or lacked the knowledge to deal with appropriately. Although children develop their own coping mechanisms they can become unhealthy but we meet them head on in our adult relationships.

If your boyfriend is doing something now that makes you think that you’ve had it, you’re fed up, then look inside of yourself to find out exactly why you’re feeling that way.

You can’t change other people, you can only work on yourself.

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yes because she recently laid out a timeline.we have been together 15 months. she is 25. im 26. she wants to be married by 28 and have kids by the time she is 30. if i dont want to be married. she said she will leave me at some point before then if i dont follow her plan. when i was 22 i was with a woman that was 28. she was all about getting married and reminding me her biological clock was ticking. guess what i did about that situation? i was living in chattanooga packed all my stuff and left. i left her a note never talked to her again and moved to portland oregon for a couple of years. is feeling like this bad? im i being selfish?

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@buster Those are life decisions that a couple should make with each other, not alone. Offering people ultimatums in a relationship can only be destructive to the relationship.

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He’s a whiner, and that drives me nuts! Otherwise I can deal with just about anything else he does.

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not married and don’t intend to . I’m way too selfish.

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sick and tired is the wrong choice of words… annoyed.. of course.. when two people are together for a long time.. regardless of the compatibility of their personalities.. they can start to scrape nerves.. just have to recognize it as a scrape.. not a gaping wound

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I truly believe that without “seperateness” there can be no “togetherness”. You have to have yourself…time for yourself- your own life- anything in addition to that is an absolute blessing. Too many people stay in relationships that suck the “self” out of it and then resent the other person for “taking” that away. It may sound selfish to some but I really believe that it’s quite a healthy mindset.

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