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If you decide to no longer need an aid's service how do you let them go?

Asked by silky1 (1505points) August 17th, 2012

I’ve decided that they are not needed and I want to keep them on payroll for emergencies. However I don’t feel as though they should be able to collect unemployment if I fire them.
So should I let them decide to quit on their own or fire them.?

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You let an aid go by saying “thank you for all your help in the past, we never would have gotten to the point where we could be independent without you.” You are not the one who gets to decide whether they have the right to collect unemployment, so you let that issue go because it’s the sign of a very petty person to worry about it.

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Are you in America? Are you a company, or an individual? If the Aid is self employed I doubt they can collect unemployment? Do you even pay unemployment insurance?

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If you don’t need their services anymore, you are making them redundant. There is no job for them. Just tell them that.

If you no longer require their services, why should they not be entitled to unemployment benefits? They are unemployed. Since you would like to be able to call on them in emergencies, it seems unlikely their work has been unsatisfactory. You therefore aren’t ‘firing’ them. The rules relating to claiming benefits will decide whether they are entitled or not.

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You want to have a say over their life even after you’ve terminated their employment?

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It should not be up to you whether they collect unemployment. Even if you fire them they can challenge it. Why are you being so mean? Site lack of work and let them go.

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“Yeaa soo I know you’ve been really great, so great in fact I’d like you on call just in case but there is just simply no work now. Oh btw while you’re currently out of a job now I want you to suffer without unemployment.”

Seriously WTFmate

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