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How does one delete ones account on mobile?

Asked by Shippy (9892points) August 19th, 2012

As heading asks?

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@Shippy : You are already missed. I’m sorry you’re gone.

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Oh, Shippy, why did you leave?

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Oh no. I thought Shippy was a great fit and contributor here.

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I am very sorry to see @Shippy go too. I hope they will come back. If anyone knows why they left could they pm me or even @augustlan? Just want to make sure Shippy is okay.

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@Bellatrix In a previous question, Shippy was talking about being depressed. One of the answerers posted something which read a little bit harsh. (Not a thoughtful thing to do when the OP says they are depressed).

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@Shippy You are wonderful and I wish you would reconsider. PM me if you want.

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Apparently @Shippy is back and I hope she knows how relieved many of us are.

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Hurrah! She’s giving us a second chance!

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Great news that @Shippy stayed with us!
Now can someone tell me where that violinist bastard went? and why?

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Who is the violinist bastard?

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I think @wilma meant the fiddleplayingcreolebastard .

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Yes @chyna , any ideas on what happened?

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Mods for some reason don’t seem to just relinquish their position. It seems to be all or nothing with them.

And I understand since I was a mod of the chat room. I hated it and asked to be removed but it sucked to lose options I had.

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Why did the Fiddler leave?

Response moderated (Spam)
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He’s been back since Gail with a slightly different name.

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Yes old news -

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Ah, I see. It was the spam that was the activity update – not your post. Mea culpa.

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