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How are mail order brides still legal?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14682points) August 19th, 2012

Seriously. Is it illegal? Shouldn’t it be?

Can I just order a woman from another country to come over, marry and have sex with? Why is this not prostitution?

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A. It’s not illegal. Whether or not it should be illegal is none of my concern.
B. Several mail order bride sites that I’ve seen over my army buddy’s (dead serious here, he had at least 5 accounts which gave him access to roughly 15 different countries, sort of sad in a funny way) are akin to online dating sites.
C. It’s not REALLY prostitution. Unless you’re paying her up front for the sex in which case it’s probably a scam or you have a really crappy understanding of the Russian language or whatnot. I do agree though that many may simply be looking for a citizenship elsewhere and see that getting married to someone of another country may be a quick(er) ticket to getting that citizenship/getting out of their country of origin. Also, like many human beings, they try to get to know you before tying the knot. It’s more like… you get to know the person via chat, email, whatev, and then you see how you two fare in person and then (if you like her and she likes you/is desperate enough to get out of her home country) you can get married. It really isn’t as simple as put in an order for a new till death(divorce) do us apart sex toy.

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Think of the U.S.A. as a huge vacuum vortex sucking the best stuff (professionals, students, athletes, pretty girls “bride order”, cheap laborers [see American farming history and it’s effects on the economy], politicians from other countries to train them here and have them go back, from all over the world to bring it into the U.S.A. and to have whatever it sucked to then represent it and go travel to and fro spreading “liberty” across the world.

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@_Whitetigress Go back? I don’t think the majority go back. Not really sure of the stats though.

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Also, prostitution should totally be legal.

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It’s not illegal. They are “dating” sites (or catalogs) in which women post a profile and indicate they are looking to meet someone to marry. They are not forced into it, and there is no “payment” (although the man is usually expected to pay for moving costs).

I know two people at work that married Filipino mail order brides. One was married back in the early 1970s, the other in the early 90s. Whatever floats your boat.

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In that case all internet dating should be illegal.

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It’s legal as long as they don’t get delivered via Fedex. Yet. : )

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I don’t see how it could ever be illegal, there is no acceptable argument for it to be outlawed. Not that I’m saying that would stop a politician outlawing it, I’m just saying they would be wrong if they did.

Bottom line is the right of the individual to marry who they like should have priority over some bigoted politicians desire to control some imaginary line, or the color of the people who live on what site of the line, all in an effort to try to officiate their imaginary country.

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My buddy got engaged over the phone to a girl from Uzbekistan… we gave him much sh*t.

of course the catch is she was the exchange student at our HS and had stayed with his family for a year, so they were well acquainted already and are now happily married for I believe two years

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