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Help? Why is yahoo refusing to let me read email?

Asked by emeraldisles (1949points) August 19th, 2012

Yahoo takes me to the home page of my email and to the inbox. Yet, every time I click on an email, it refuses to let me read an email. I have tried to wait, to shut it down, and restart it and I’m not getting anywhere with these emails. Yahoo always seems to do this. However, my gmail account is so much speedier and nice.

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Do you have an email client like Outlook? Try to see if it works on an external program. I think Gmail now has the capability to link other email accounts too.

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too many e-mails?

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I suppose I should have asked what you meant by “refuse[] to let you read an email.” Does an error message pop-up, or does it just show a blank screen where the message should be?

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Could be in the spam folder?

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It senses you are using Fluther and not Yahoo Answers! muahah. No but honestly I just stick with Yahoo for Flickr. Then GMail for everything else. It could have been a Yahoo slow system or error for them. Have you tried now?

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My tried and true response to just about everything: Try clearing your cache (history/cookies) and restarting your browser.

You can have your Yahoo emails forwarded to your gmail address, too, and then you should be able to read them there. (I have all my different email addresses come to one gmail account. Makes life easier!)

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