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Photographers: Where would you recommend I get my 120 film processed?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4375points) August 20th, 2012

Currently in San Diego. Or if you know of any online sites that would be rad to know about.

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You can send it to Adolph Gasser Company in San Francisco, they are a well known store and have photo processing, including developing and printing 120 size film.

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Costco. If you’re not a member, go with a member. They’re good, they’ll do red-eye reduction and they’ll do it in an hour or less. Plus they’re cheap.

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@jca Many Costcos have shutdown developing, and the ones that still do only do 35 mm film.

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@zenvelo: Oh. The one near me still does, but come to think of it, I haven’t had anything other than 35 mm fillm developed in ages. Thanks for the info!

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do you have a Wolf Camera store near you? Their stores will take it and send it to places if it needs special developing.

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I use a place called The Darkroom. they are at I have a Holga camera that uses 120 size roll film, and the developing/printing quality is phenomenal, and the prices are very reasonable. They do such a great job that my pictures look like they were taken with a Hasselblad. Admittingly, I have been doing photography since the age of 12 and experience has played a role in my circumstances. None the less, I highly recommend them. They do both color and black-and-white, which is what I use. Good Luck.

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