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How do I find this thing that I don't know what to call?

Asked by syz (35695points) August 23rd, 2012

We just installed a new CT machine and it has a big, red emergency shut-off button (I presume for in case someone starts an exposure while someone is still in the room). The problem is that the shut-off switch is mounted in and area and just at the right height that people like to lean back against it, which causes all sorts of problems. I need a clear wall mounted box with a face that opens to access to keep people from accidentally pushing the button but still allows easy access to push it when needed, and I’m having no luck finding such a thing. Is there a name for these? Where would I find one?

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@thorninmud had one good suggestion. Another might be simply installing something like a smaller-sized shower grab rail over the button, which would allow instant access to anyone who needs to press it, but helps to avoid casual contact. Another benefit of such an installation would be that it would be pretty sturdy.

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I was going to suggest an electrical breaker box enclosure but after reading the two answers above I changed my mind. You want to be able to shut the machine off in an instant. That means the switch needs to be visible and accessible immediately. The grab bar will do it.

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How about a shroud like THIS?

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Why not just have the button moved to somewhere more convenient?

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I expect that the location of the button is required by code or by law to be “convenient” to the user of the machine or to people in the room. I suspect that’s part of the problem that @syz has: The location is also convenient to people who happen to be in the room, but who aren’t operators. In reality, your solution would be to move the button to a place that’s “less convenient”, so that casual and non-employed persons in the room wouldn’t accidentally trip it. But emergency shutoffs generally have to be “convenient” by being “easy to reach”. That’s the main problem here.

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Like a button protector?

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