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What fun things can we do at a hotel party?

Asked by sydneymatilda (81points) August 23rd, 2012

This year, I am having a hotel sleepover party. I already planned what we could do during night time, but when my friends that aren’t sleeping over come early like three what can we do until like 6:30 outside the hotel room besides swimming?

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Murder in the Dark is a great game, but you already said that you planned stuff for nighttime. Still, it’s a great game. Look it up.

I don’t know if you drink, but there are typical drinking card games like Kings and F**** the Dealer. Egyptian Rat Screw is another great card game (doesn’t involve drinking).

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Ultimate Frisbee?

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Swimming and talking sound good to me.

You could play a game when they first get there. Write the name of famous people on a piece of paper, one name per paper, and then tape a piece of paper to the back of eavh guest. Then the play similar to 20 questions to figure out who it is. So let’s say Lisa has Lady Gaga. The other guests can look at her back, see who it is, and then Lisa asks yes/no questions. Usual questions are things like: Is it a female? yes. Is she a an actor? No. Is she a politician? No. Is she older than 50. No. Is she blond? Yes. Does she sing? Yes. Etc.

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What happened to the original question?

If I recall correctly, this is about a party for 13 year olds. Boys are invited for the first half; the girls are spending the night. Is this still correct? How many guests do you expect? This could make a difference on recommendations. The day of the week would also be helpful.

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i should have added this is for 13–14 year old girls.

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What about something like Songstar? Or whatever the new fad is?

Or Guitar Hero?

If you don’t want something Xbox/PlayStation related, go and have a look in one of those fabulous games shops. Ask the staff for a game that xxx people can play. They usually know what the ‘in’ games are and what will work to keep people engaged.

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@sydneymatilda Whoever has reserved the hotel room should also get in touch with the hotel sales rep. That person can assist in arranging accommodations for the party. A meeting room is ideal for your guests to safely store their belongings while using the pool and at the hotel arcade (based upon your previous post). It is also the prime location for hosting a meal, cake and presents.

Since the boys will only be there for 3½ hours, my recommendation would be to ask all guests to meet in the meeting room at 3pm. It could be kicked off with a game like @JLeslie suggests as they arrive. If the hotel agrees to it (some may not allow children’s parties in the pool area as it is a disturbance to other paying guests, which is why it needs to be arranged in advance), that will take up at least an hour. If the hotel has a game room, provide each guest with a small sack of coins or tokens. That’s good for another hour, plus it gives them a chance to dry off. Food/presents will take up about 1½ hours. A great way to wrap up the party, and as long as it is in the budget and the party time can be extended, is to utilize @Bellatrix‘s suggestion.

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I would bring a few different games such as scattagories, trivia pursuit, or even twister

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@JLeslie I love that idea and I am officially stealing it! It would be fun for adults as well and would make people interact if in a crowd where not everybody knows each other.

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@laurenkem Another twist to @JLeslie‘s idea, and one that might be considered by @sydneymatilda, is to use famous partners’ names. The goal is to not only find out “who you are” but to find your “partner”. A teen example would be Bella Swan and Edward Cullen (from Twilight).

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@Pied_Pfeffer I think that might be two difficult. The person can be alive or dead. Anyone in history. I actually would go the other directions maybe and try to make it easier by limiting the field of possibilities.

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I went to a hotel event once where they set up a Wii, with their biggest HDTV, in the corner of the conference room. It was a big hit because there was plenty of room for spectators and small tables for our drinks and snacks.

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@JLeslie We have used this format numerous times, and it isn’t *too difficult. It just adds a different dimension to the ice-breaker.

Another exercise that is fun and works well is the Human Knot.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Ok, thanks. I’ll keep it in mind.

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