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What does Friday mean to you?

Asked by creative1 (12054points) August 24th, 2012

To me Friday’s are a beginning to what my daughters and I term Mommy days. My daughters are both in daycare Monday through Friday and we look forward to spending lots of time together during the weekend. So when I pick them up at daycare on Friday evening its the beginning of enjoying time together as a little family.

So what are Friday’s to you?

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Beginning of the weekend. Saturday is piano day and farmer’s market. Sunday is open, but used to be for shopping. It’s relaxation time, to some extent. Yard work. Sometimes we go out.

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Nothing special. It means that I’m switching from taking care of a bunch of stuff at work to taking care of a bunch of stuff at home.

Friday is usually a slow day on Fluther, so that’s kind of a drag.

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Thank fuck it’s…..

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I work weekends often so it doesn’t mean too much.

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For my husband it means being tired. Final day of the work week and getting up early every day wears on him. He doesn’t understand people who go out on Friday night at all, he just wants to crash. When he wakes up on Saturday he sometimes says, “it’s the weekend, it’s vacation.” On the summer he has more chores on the weekends, so sometimes I guess he doesn’t have that feeling of vacation.

For me, it’s just another weekday. I do get a little excited about the upcoming weekend.

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For me it’s getting off a little bit early, going home and just relaxing. I meet some friends for dinner, or if it’s my weekend with the kids we hang out or go to a movie.

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Friday is full of promise. Two days to do whatever I want, and two nights ahead to not think about having to get to bed by a certain time.

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Another day to live, eat a fresh tomato, and tease Milo.

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Fridays have no special meaning for me as my work is very flexible and I do not keep a regular work week schedule. This could be changing again though, so, I am cherishing ALL my free days now. :-)

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@creative1, That’s really sweet :)

Grâce à Dieu c’est vendredi…

Fridays during the school year mean teaching days. In other words, I have to wake up super early in order to be sufficiently awake by 10 am to try to get a bunch of often hung over 19 year olds excited about history! And I’m such an introvert that it takes me hours to recover afterward from teaching 3 classes every Friday. I love teaching while I’m actually doing it, but I hate preparing for it.

But Friday evening means happy hour with my department, which I am going to do more often this year because I want to be more social.

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Friday is still a day of work for me, but it definitely means that the rigor of the week is over, and in two days another one starts. Friday also means I get to sleep in. :)

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It’s my Sunday, last chance to get everything in order so I can start another fun week at work. It should be one of my days off but usually it’s non stop errands, house tidying and making sure there is clean laundry.

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To me Friday is the day after Thursday and the day before Saturday and not much more.

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Being jaded and given that I hate everyone and everything, one might be convinced that Friday means nothing at all to me. But Friday means a lot to me.

Friday is when I go on a ninja quest, when I slaughter zombies, howl at the moon or save the world. It’s the beginning of the weekend, and it’s always been the same ever since I was in school, all the way to right now with my job. The anticipation and fun of having two days of freedom has always meant a lot to me, seeing as all my discontentment with everything is spawned with slave labor and routine. It symbolically marks that I can be a nerd for a bit and not have to concentrate on shit or wake up early. Given that I’ve had many days where I didn’t have a job, or had to work on weekends, it always remained strong as said marking. although that did make it twice as lame when I had to work on weekends

I’ve had bad Fridays of course, but they’re still my favorite day of the week, at least as soon as I get off of having to be responsible.

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It’s when I bring in the trash container in from the street. Assuming it was picked up before.

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The end of the corporate week. It’s also when work starts to pick up. I can count the free weekends that follow the Fridays of my employment on one hand.

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Fridays are like Mondays since I’m working a weekend type shift currently. Mondays are like most people’s Fridays to me.

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For me it varies week to week as I work variable shifts. Some weeks, Friday is a day off. Some weeks it’s the last working day of the week and some week’s it’s just the middle.

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@Paradox25 Happy Friday to you today!

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Friday night for me is the beginning of the Jewish Sabbath (Shabbat). I means time with friends, lots of rest, good food, and spiritual recharging.

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