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Should Fluther have its own annual "thing"?

Asked by fremen_warrior (5505points) August 25th, 2012

Something along the lines of a convention, but not necessarily. Like a “World Poseidon Day” celebration (of course first of all we would have to start the tradition of WPD). Ridiculous idea? Interesting idea? Doable? Not necessary?


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We already get together for all of the Lurve parties, what more could we do?

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We have tried to do things but it means people getting on board and participating. I remember for New Year trying to get people to log into chat as New Year hit their country (not immediately) but so we had a constant stream of people coming and going, saying hi, having a chat. Even if you don’t like chat you could just say “Hi, Australia here! Happy NY”. It didn’t work…

Nice that you are thinking of community events though.

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@fremen_warrior You know, a Lurve Party where we get together to celebrate a Jelly’s attaining a certain number of lurve, usually 10K or 20K. We have silly little rituals surrounding moving up in lurve.

It’s totally voluntary, but lots of fun : )

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A lot of ideas have been tossed around. I highly suspect that most of us want to keep to ourselves based upon previous posts. I want to arrange a Jelly gathering in the UK once I move over there. We’ll see who is actually willing to attend.

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Personally I’d love an irl fluther party. Not sure how to make it happen with as far flung a group as we are.

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IRL Fluther party? Count me in!

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Who’s hosting? We need to make sure they are capable of entertaining u….... OH, SHINY THING!!!

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We should have this huge ass Wushu tournament, bro.

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You can all come party at my house. :)

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can I sleep with one of your pillows? :D

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Maybe. What do I get out of the deal? :p

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I think it should be in Australia! But we would have to declare a truce day so that no one killed each other if the wrong subjects come up in discussion!

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Next year in Jerusalem!

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@zensky ;-)

There are a few people here I’d like to meet. How about mini meets?
What ever happened to the map?

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How about New York? Concrete jungle where dreams are made of?

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I’m all for an IRL thing, “mini-events” could be easier to arrange, since probably only a handful of us would actually travel half-way across the planet… We could divide Fluther into chapters – Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe/Middle-East, etc. Each chapter at first will be responsible for bribing or “persuading” the government of one key state in the region into cooperation, and establish a local base of operations for our Syndicate. Eventually our R&D department will come up with ultra-tech weapons and better cybernetic limbs and organs for our agents. We should be able to develop level one cybernetic replacement body parts by 2024. Total world domination will be a matter of 10–15 years from then on.…uh… I mean, paaartay! Wooo! Yeah! Ehm… as you were.

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@fremen_warrior I’d like to submit a proposal for that gov’t contract. When are the documents due? Use the std. 256 bit encryption. NY is nice. Western? In the middle of nowhere? ;-)

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As Casey Stengel said, “Count me out.”

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As Pee Wee said to the referee when punched by Mike Tyson, “Count me out.”

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@LuckyGuy I think the map was a Ryan thing (JohnPowell).PM him…

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It takes more work to make that sort of “connection” when there is no real face to the name. We’re all just digital impressions at the moment. YT conventions are easier because you get to know people by watching their videos.. responding with your own… it is more tangible that way.

That said, I would attend a fluther convention were there ever to be one in Germany. It would certainly do wonders for the community and probably draw in more users.

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I could make some kind of map website for fluther if there were enough interest.

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@phaedryx as in where each of is at the moment? That map would get outdated so fast…

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John Powell did a nice one not so long ago. Check with Auggie. He even had Milo on his map.

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@gailcalled, that made me think of Sam Goldwyn’s memorable “Include me out.”

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@Jeruba: Is that who and what I meant? It is certainly possible.

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I threw up the old maps site here.

I have no interest in maintaining it anymore. If @phaedryx wants to take over I will happily send the code his way. The data is stored in a google doc spreadsheet.

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Krakow, Poland por favor; muchas gracias amigos!

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