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Where can I find out how many vegans there are in America (in contrast to the number of vegetarians)

Asked by freelancer79 (12points) June 3rd, 2008

Any other resources about rising trend in veganism? I“m looking for the trend of people who are motivated to go vegan due to environmental issues, rather than the PETA messaging about animal cruelty (although that plays a factor as well). Thanks.

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There’s quite a bit of variation in the poll numbers.

According to this, a 200 Zogby poll of 968 participants found that 0.9% were vegan.

According to this, a 2002 Time/CNN poll estimated that 0.2% (591.468) of Americans are vegan.

According to this, a 2003 Harris poll of 1031 participants found that 1.8% were vegan.

The latest poll I found, and the one with the largest number of participants, is this 2008 Harris poll conducted for Vegetarian Times. It found that of 5050 respondents, 0.5% were vegan. That would translate to about 1 million Americans.

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I became a vegan for myself(body,mind and spirit), animals(i love’em) and the planet(i live here). I love life, in all forms.

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