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Do you prefer more bass or more treble?

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) June 3rd, 2008

I prefer bass. I love it when my subwoofer is shaking the floor under my desk. :)

B.T.W. No metal! Ska, pop, soul, reaggae, blues and country! (and sometimes classical)

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more treble.

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Bass, no doubt.

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I also like bass, I like ska.

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depends on the music…but a good combination of treble, bass and mid usually does it for me….in other words, no over-bearing bass or treble for me.

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@ccatron: That’s true, but if your treble is very high, it sounds awful.

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Definitely treble. Thank God for digital music. Before that when you turned the treble all the way up you would get a lot of hiss.

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@klaas – agreed…that’s why i prefer a good mix…

on the other hand, if i’m listening to talk radio, the bass is usually overwhelming for some of the voices of the hosts, so I have to kill the bass quite a bit so i don’t get a headache

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You need like an equalizer which you can program to radio, different genres and other presets, but directly in the amp… Hmm, yet something to invent later. ;)

I’m going to watch House now, on in the Netherlands.

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hmmm, good one, let’s just take a loot at my equalizer, see, always nice to be a middle man

as for my music? let’s see, this should be a good reflection of my collection

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i dont really like rap at all, so more treble for me

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depends on music. A good balance is best for me. Sometimes too much of one can really destroy the whole sound

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Bass, but not too much. A lot of people get out of control with bass when they have a system in their car and it completely kills the whole song cause all you hear is the bass.

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@uberbatman: True, not too much.

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more clarity

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…..“I love it when my subwoofer is shaking the floor under my desk”.....
In my best Harvey Korman….

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@boffin: Huh?

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Oh boy tough room…Again…
You asked more bass or treble?...
Then stated that “you love it when the sub-woofer shakes the floor”....
That having been said, lends to ALL kinds of perverted and sexual innuendo….
See…Vibrating the floor under your desk….
Carson never had to explain his jokes….
I’m digressing here….
Harvey Korman, a genius as a great comedic actor, and just recently in the news having passed to the great cutting room floor in the sky….
In Blazing Saddles one of his great lines uttered was “Kinky”....(I won’t go into what was kinky…
This sum it up?
Anyone else need to chime in?
I’m dying here….

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Bass, for sure.
Boffin: Nothing wrong with a dirty joke. ;-)

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