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Great end of the year projects for 6th graders?

Asked by Supergirl (1696points) June 3rd, 2008

We are winding down the year and want to do some fun group projects that wrap up with an end product. Possibly art or writing….

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How about making rain barrels? Contact your local Stormwater utilities (municipal) for information. Directions are here:

You can contact a regional soda manufacturer coke or pepsi or something else) and tell them what you want to do and see if they have any syrup containers you could have.

Then, the best part (apart from teaching about water conservation) is letting the students decorate it!

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Break world records! Make the largest lego ball in the world!!!! And if they can’t do that make a square.

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Go to Seaworld!

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do you have a budget?

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My budget is no budget. I mean I can get any sort of art supplies together within reason.

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Are you in the 6th grade? Because that would be against both the Fluther rules and the federal law for you to be on here. You must be at least 13 years of age to share any sort of personal information on the internet. If you’re the teacher or something related, then I am deeply sorry for this answer.

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If anyone clicks on Supergirl’s name they’ll see in her profile that her fields of expertise include “Elementary education, child development, Seattle barsrestaurants”. I say this is a good indication she is of age ;)

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Are you kidding me??? If you could not have figured it out by the tone, the post above yours should have answered your question right off the bat. Of course she is of age. And just because someone is not of age does not mean they can’t truly be on this site…its called lying.

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It’s called “illegal”

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this is getting kind of off topic. Can we stop the fight please?

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The class could write a collective story, each person contributing five words at a time, and you could print copies of it at staples or kinkos and give each student a copy.

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that is great! I would like to see that done by sixth graders!

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@ petethepothead – That would be cool They could do an illustration the same way. How awesome would that be. Then they could all have a copy of it to remember the year by. Your only down the copies and origional paper plus medium.

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@ Petethepothead
That would be an awesome idea, but I bet there would be one kind who would make it dirty! Because kids say the darnedest things!

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I’ve seen books by 6th graders. Each does her/his own story of 6th grade.They write the story then transfer it to pages in a wall paper covered booklet. I believe you can get sample wall paper in a few places (I didn’t ask where it came from). It could have just words or drawings etc. Been a few years since I taught 6th grade. It looks as if you have some very good ideas here. Good luck

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How about some kind of simple science project. There are plenty of ideas on the net if you search well enough.

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Okay how about looking through microscopes or building and sending off rockets or getting anything they want from a grab bag and making some type of art with it? Are they good?

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