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What are some art project ideas for a 6th grade class studying Ancient Egypt?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) October 4th, 2007

We are studing Ancient Egypt and I want to add some new art projects to my unit. Any ideas for 6th grade?

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It’s not exactly an art project, but I always thought drawing my name in heiroglyphics was fun… =)

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I remember when I was in elementary school and we did a unit on ancient egypt, we made our own sarcophogus (sp?) masks out of paper mache. We inflated balloons and then shaped the paper mache around the front of the balloon, leaving holes for eyes and nose and shaping headdresses around them. When they dried we painted them gold to look like the famous tutenkamen (sp?) mask.

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you could have everyone make cartouche jewelry to incorporate heiroglyphics. Another fun thing to have them do is to trace the outlined of their bodies and then paint on the clothing Egyptian style and do a cartouche underneath to show the persons name.

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You could have them create art journals of their exploration of ancient Egypt. As you move through each unit with them, perhaps there is a map, a note, a picture, a sculpture, a rubbing that could be compiled so that at the end of the unit they each have and “explorer’s journal” of their “time in Ancient Egypt.”

Or perhaps you could have them create their own Pharoah’s Tomb.

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