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8 weeks pregnant and bleeding with no pain?

Asked by sabine (88points) August 27th, 2012

So Basically I am 8 weeks pregnant, will be 9 weeks in 3 days, and a few hours ago i noticed some brown discharge with a tiny bit of pink and now I have a pad on, there are about 3 or 4 brown spots on it and I have not had any pain or cramping as of yet
I called the nhs directline, who just said to call the doctor asap tomorrow and if it gets worse to call the out of hours doctor.
I’m so worried I might be about to miscarry
has this happened to anyone before? and what was it?
P.S- I don’t know if this will help, but this would be around the time my period is due aswell

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You just really need to talk to a doctor.

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It is very common, like 1 in 3 women or maybe it is 1 in 3 pregnancies, not sure, but one of those.

4 , 8 , and 12 weeks are when it happens/can happen anyway.

The real problem is that worrying about can in itself become a big issue from what i’ve heard.

i’d bet it’s nothing, still, call the out of hours doctor, it’s the only way you’ll get peace of mind.

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It is fairly common to have some spotting while pregnant. Don’t panic, but definitely get in to see your doctor, just to make sure the baby is okay.

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It happened in all of my healthy pregnancies, but I also had a miscarriage that started that way. Try not to worry until you can see your Dr. tomorrow. I would take it easy and perhaps stay off your feet as much as possible until you get the OK from your Dr.
If you start bleeding heavily and the blood it bright red then go see someone right away.

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I had a little bleeding on one day when I was about 12 weeks. I called the doctor and I went to see him the next day. It had stopped, and the doctor said it wasn’t normal but since it stopped, I would see blood “coming down” for a few days, and not to lift anything, carry anything up steps, etc. I had no pain, either. Doctor did an ultrasound and determined baby was fine. Baby’s now a 5 year old girl!

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I would call the on call doctor and talk to them. Some spotting can be normal but you want to be sure nothing else is going on before its too late to do anything. I always say better safe than sorry. A friend as spotting early on with no pain in her pregnancy and it turned out she had an ectopic pregnancy and they had to take care of it.

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This just happenened to a friend of mine. She went to the doctor right away and they did tests to make sure the baby was okay. She had quite a scare and was very nervous even once they said the sonogram showed everything was okay. She continued spotting and they repeated the tests. Her obstetrician put her on bed rest for a week just to be sure. Now everything is AOK. She even was cleared to fly to Disneyworld on vacation and had a great time with her husband and daughter. I’m so happy for her!
I would definitely go to the doctor to make sure, but as everyone has said, this is fairly common and probably means nothing so try to relax and not worry.

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This is very common, and I wouldn’t recommend calling the doctor unless it gets much worse.
Spotting happens all the time.

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@sabine Please do call the doctor. When my friend called they told her to come in as soon as she could. It will put your mind at ease and rule out the possibility that there is some problem.

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I had two miscarriages between two healthy pregnancies. The miscarriages both manifested themselves by cramping and noticeable discomfort long before the bleeding.

But it is best, always, to see your doctor asap, and stay off your feet until you do.

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No cramping is a good sign. Most doctors I think take the attitude that if you are losing it you are already losing it, and that is why the person you talked to probably did not think you needed to be seen this second by a doctor. But, don’t assume you are losing it, I know women who had bleeding on and off throughout their pregnancy and had perfect beautiful babies.

I say put your feet up and rest, so you don’t second guess yourself if something bad does happen. If something changes or you really want to talk to your doctor have him paged. Don’t worry all night because you don’t want to bother him, screw that. I don’t think you need to call, I don’t think the doctor can do anything, but if it makes you feel better I say do it,

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Please post an update, if you would like to, as to how things turn out and I think I speak for all of Fluther when I say we are all wishing for the best outcome for you.

The Update Lady

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