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What are some things about your political party that you're ashamed of?

Asked by Nullo (21911points) August 28th, 2012

I’m curious, mostly. Yes, I’m twigging off of @Dutchess_III’s post. Besides, looking at both the pros and the cons lets you maintain a balanced view.
Mind that this is about political parties, not location on the spectrum.

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I don’t know if I’m ashamed by it, but Democrats can be kind of push-overs. I wish we’d fight harder for what we believe in.

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I agree with @augustlan. It always seems like my leadership is trying to reach compromise with persons who are willing to let everything go to hell rather than accept most of what they want.

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I wish I had a party to diss. Instead I have to split hairs between the two assuming they are not BS-ing me and make hard decisions that are only my best guess.

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The far left annoy me. Sometimes war is required.

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I am ashamed of the inability to compromise and the fact that most decisions seem to be made with reelection in mind, not, y’know, what’s actually best for the American people. This applies to both major parties, really, and is a flaw inherent to the party system, imo.

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Almost everything

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A complete lack of charisma in leadership. Sure, you must have substance. But to get elected you must have style as well. The face of the Libertarian Party for my state is a strange little man that can barely carry on an conversation with someone on the street, let alone captivate audiences.

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I don’t have a party, but democrats are spineless bastards, I tell ya.

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Well, that is the problem with Independent candidates. They have no aire of seriousness much of the time.
The only one on the ballot went by the name “EZ Million” and never heard of him. Really…EZ Million? Not voting for.

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Yeah, but they were all bad.

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I don’t have a party. @woodcutter said pretty much what I would have said. Also, I think it’s all bullshit.

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I am not afiliated with any particular party.

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I don’t have a party. I’m embarrassed by a lot of things going on in both the major parties in my country.

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I don’t have a political party at the moment, but I tend to vote for Democrats over Republicans, with sometimes a third party candidate in the mix. There are ideas from both the Republicans and the Democrats that I support. Personally I think the hypocrisy (relating to family values and morals) from Republicans is horrible, and much worse than anything Democrats have done.

I would say that I agree with the first post on this page the most. Democrats have allowed Republicans to essentially have their way to a far degree. The word liberal has become so demonized and misrepresented that even many liberal candidates try to avoid the label themselves. What frightens me the most is how many people are more obsessed with being seen as having some type of conservative appeal vs what is best for the country as a whole.

I can say at least one thing, I know where liberals stand, unlike most self-identifying conservatives. Democrats are at least honest about their beliefs and ideas. Republicans on the other hand spout on about morals, but then support some of the most immoral policies that I’ve ever seen. Republicans spout on about ‘less government’, but yet usually increase it. Republicans go on about less spending, but yet spend more while trying in vain to cut programs that help the less fortunate. Perhaps the new Republican motto should be we hate more government, unless we’re in it.

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As a Republican I am embarassed that so many of our reps accept bribes and find ways to get political money instead of focusing on the needs of the country.

I’m embarassed that so many conservatives think being gay is a choice and outlaw SSM any chance they get.

I’m embarassed that all politicians are such liars and are so shady in their personal life then act like good stand-up people at every charity function all over the world.

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I admit most flag burners are democrats. If you want to make me think you are completely ignorant, burn the flag. On the other hand, Republicans in Texas have been talking about seceding from the Union, which I find equally repulsive.

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What’s wrong with TX seceding ?

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Don’t mess with Texas

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@filmfann Texans have always talking about seceding from the Union, have they not?

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@Nullo Only recently have I heard the Governor actually discussing this.
I think he should be publicly horsewhipped.

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They should be allowed, nay, encouraged to secede.
after their industry and infrastructure have been bombed to rubble

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@filmfann You don’t think that a state, or its people, should have the right to secede?

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@Nullo I thought that was settled 150 years ago…

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@filmfann That merely established that there isn’t a right to secede, not whether or not there should be.

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