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Online websites where I can buy shoes with free shipping both ways and a good return policy?

Asked by emilyrose (2272points) June 3rd, 2008

I know about Zappos, but are there any others? I’m going to be in a wedding and can’t find shoes so wanted to order a few and send back the ones that don’t work. Ideas?

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Piperlime rocks.

Buy (free shipping), try, don’t like, send back (free shipping again).

Super friendly customer support, too.

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I second the Piperlime suggestion. is also awesome.

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free shipping both ways and a good return policy? I’m hoping you’re asking in case you don’t like the shoes..not so you can return them after wearing?

whatthefluther's avatar boasts free overnight and return shipping as well as a 110% price guarantee on over 500 brands. I visited the site for the first time today so I can’t report on any experience with this company but they have a nice selection and some great sale prices. I’m going to give them a try. Good luck with your search.

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Just had a great experience with – also

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yes not trying to scam anyone, just want to order a bunch of shoes and keep the ones i like and return the ones i dont

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thanks for all the ideas, i’d never heard of any of these!

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Factory Brand Shoes, they have a large collection in the stores and great styles.

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Ditto to . I have purchased several pairs from them. Once they sent the wrong size. Sent another pair immediately with at $30.00 coupon to use on my next order. They include return labels in the boxes so if you have to return the items, just walk into a ups or fed ex store and they take everything from you, pack it and ship it, no charge. They are really great. Their site has good reviews from customers too and is easy to search.

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ha ha just realized i said “online websites”
like there are websites that are NOT online : ) oops!

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remember with all these places, google the site name with “coupon” after it to find any coupons for them. There are tons of sites that track coupons and the savings is always better than just buying directly.

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