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Brown spotting turned to red?

Asked by sabine (88points) August 31st, 2012

For a few days I have been having brown spotting and brown mucus and today the brown has turned to really watery red, like there’s alot of fluid and it is red now, it looks like a normal period at the moment
I have had more or less no cramps
And i just got back from A&E because I was so scared and they have not helped at all
Has anyone had this and NOT miscarried?
I’m really worried :(

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Don’t panic. I’m a guy, I don’t know squat about this, but I’m thinking stress is not a good add to this. Lie down and try to relax for a bit.

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My two miscarriages started with backaches and then severe discomfort, which turned into labor pains shortly thereafter. No spotting or staining until my body actually expelled the material and then it was red and bloody.

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Is A & E a hospital/doctor? If so, what did they say? If not, be sure to call your doctor.

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Unfortunately, if you are having a miscarriage, there is little that can be done in early pregnancy to stop it. Some women do experience bleeding in the beginning and go on to have a healthy baby anyway. It really depends on what the cause of the bleeding is. Did you have any testing done (blood work or ultrasound)? Did they give you any recommendations, such as drinking plenty of fluid and resting?

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Also a guy, and know nothing about this, that is except for what i have picked up in the pub. (yes ladies, your husbands are sneaking out to the pubs while this goes on having a good moan about it, and goin’ back home offering no more than “it’ll be fine”

We can try tell you you to relax until our ears bleed and it might make no difference, but it really is all we have to offer.

Some pregancies i’ve followed while trying to block out so i could watch the football instead have had a lot of trouble, and the ones i would see as comparible resulted in some great kids. At the stage of pregnancy you are in there was similar problems with bleeding and that was only the beginning of it, i can remember two that couldnt even find a heartbeat for a few weeks after, and at the stage where all hope seemed lost and another checkup seemed inevitable to be nothing more than confirmation of bad news, suddenly everything shows up perfect.

@augustlan A&E stands for Accident and Emergency, very similar to what would be called the ER in the USA, but in the UK and Ireland it is very often the first port of call for due to state healthcare. It is also common here however to leave with questions and a dislike for at least one Doctor.

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What did the doctor/s say at A&E about the bleeding?? How far along are you in the pregnancy? Have they done a ultra sound yet on you to make sure the baby implanted in your uterus? If they haven’t an ectopic pregnancy can present as bleeding or placenta previa can also present with of bleeding, that is where the placenta attaches at the bottom of the uterus its actually the placenta that is the cause of the blood. I would call my gynocologist if I were you and have them check you right away. Bleeding during pregnancy is also a sign of miscarriage but not the only thing that can be the cause is what I am saying here so going back to the doctors would be the best bet but this time I would go into your gynecologist instead of the A&E.

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If it helps, with my second pregnancy, I had enough spotting/bleeding at what I guess must have been implantation, that I just thought I was having a slightly lighter than normal period.

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