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Are root canals harmful/disease causing?

Asked by beccause (43points) June 3rd, 2008

I am at a crossroads, torn between two dentists with 2 ideas as to how best deal with an infected tooth. Pulling it seems extreme, but some research shows serious side effects with root canals. Looking for recent research or personal experiences with both sides of the issue. Many thanks and blessings!

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I’ve had a couple root canals and they’ve all been fine. Make sure your dentist is clean and knows what he or she is doing and you should be fine getting one.

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I also have had a few and all is well after ten plus years. If you yank the tooth, you’re looking at a life with, what, bridges? I also had a tooth pulled and replaced with an implant. That went well, too, but given the opportunity, I would go with a root canal every time.

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Are you saying your two options are extraction versus root canal? How deep is the abscess and how far does it extend (according to your dentist)?
I would say that you would do just fine with a root canal, plus, be able to keep your teeth. The major side effects of dental infections that I am aware of (and I am an Infectious Diseases Doctor) are due to direct spread to nearby structures. They should be treated as quickly as possible so as to prevent nearby bone, sinus or (worse yet) brain infections.

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Pull tooth or drill….
Keep as many teeth as possible…
Root canal…
Right answer!

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I was
in the middle of a root canal and the couldn’t save the tooth its a back molar and I got it pulled and 7 hours later It hurts like hell!!!! I’m only 13 too!!! It happens today also

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@Becca, keep us posted – what did you choose to do? You ok?

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