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I've never been clear on this, What is the proper way to dispose of batteries?

Asked by pplufthesun (607points) June 3rd, 2008

How are you supposed to dispose of batteries?

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I believe you are supposed to get them to your local collection center, but I may be wrong.

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my local recycling centre has a bin for batteries.
Its generally considered bad form to dispose of in the general waste stream and in some places may be illegal,

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what type of batteries do you have. If they are not alkaline try batteries plus stores. If they are call your local recycling division or solid waste authority. You CAN throw them away but if there is a better option you should take it. Also try

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In California, it is illegal to put them in the trash. Each area has it’s own way of handling this. In my town, they make it very easy, you just put them in a plastic ziplock bag (I use an old one) and tape it to the top of the mixed collection toter. We have to separate paper from the mixed stuff, but the mixed bin really covers most plastic, milk cartons, and metal. A third bin is for yard waste, but you can put things like pizza boxes in it. My trash is down to almost nothing for a family of 3. All are rolling toters, so that makes it even easier.

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I just throw mine in the trash. By the way, before you get rid of all your batteries, I’ve heard that if you keep them in the freezer it gives it an extra small amount of energy. My grandma keeps ALL her batteries in her freezer, dead or not. She puts them all in the drawers in the freezer, it’s odd but it can help the battery life. If you are interested in doing this, keep them in a baggy if you don’t want them to scatter and leave them in there for a while. It’s not that much of a deal but if you do it a lot you’ll see it really does boost the battery life.

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where do you live?

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