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Your favorite video game at the moment?

Asked by jstringham21 (640points) June 3rd, 2008

Mine is Mario Kart Wii.

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At the time, I do not have one, but my top two games that I would recommend of all time are Bully, and No More Heroes.

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Socom Confrontation (not out yet, but it’s my favorite thing to daydream about). While I wait I play Call of Duty 4.

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Mario Kart Wii for the win!

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Mine is GTA4. I’m kinda looking forward to trying Haze also.

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well, i usualy have 4–5 im playing at once, right now im playing the ninja gaiden II demo, hoping to have the full game tomorrow, also playing red dead revolver, sega rally, god hand, and fooling around in GTA IV

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I haven’t had a chance to get the store for mariokart or wii fit yet. For me it’s a tie between Brawl and Pokemon Pearl.

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what’s with the casual gaming? c’mon people, get to it!

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Tie between Brawl and Mario Kart Wii

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mario kart wii is amazing. i think nothing makes me curse and swear more than playing mario kart :)

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half life 2 episode 2. oh and peggle extreme that came free with it. Actually Ive probably played peggle more its very addictive (but in a good way).

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At the moment I’m enjoying revisiting a couple of favourite old PS2 3rd person shooters; ‘Freedom Fighters’ and ‘Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction’.

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mario kart ds

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Mercenaries, ooh, might start playing that again too

i realy liked the intro level of freedom fighters, they could seriously make that game into a movie

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@iwamoto, I was just thinking that FF would make a great movie, too.

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it has all the ingredients, that intro, a great storyline, good characters, oh man, they realy need to do it! long as that little twat from transformers and indy 4, that lebouf, no, i want an AAA Cast, no dakota fanning, etc. proven actors, yes

now lets hope some director reads this ;)

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GTA IV – but I have neither the game nor the PS3 to play it on (sigh)

Basically the only game I play is Forgotten Hope 2 (BattleField 2 mod) on my Mac (via Boot Camp). But alas, nor much time for that.

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Guitar Hero 3! Or any of the series, actually.

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call of duty 4 or team fortress 2.

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No question….GTA IV

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GTA IV = greatness

My Xbox gamertag is Penes if anyone wants to play sometime.

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I wish I had Live…I’ve heard the multiplayer is just unreal

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Amazing. GTA race is awesome. Nothing like driving around with 16 people blowing each other up and shooting out tires.

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Mmmmm…..(mouth watering)

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sounds good jackson i’ll add you tonight….but if we’ll play depends on the arrival of ninja gaiden II, haha

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call of duty 4!

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Same as you!

Oh, and Galaga and Contra (Old School)

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im sorry, i just can’t stand it, if you realy have to label a timeless game, use retro

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you’re too new school, you wouldn’t understand iwamoto ;)

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NES, Atari ST, i’ve played my share

anyway, after i get off from school, it’s straight to getting Ninja Gaiden 2, and then a whole lot of decapitation and mutilation

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iwamoto . Jeez! didn’t mean to offend. I guess I don’t hold video games sacred enough. :)

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Video Games….Serious Business. ^__^

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right now i’m playing ninja gaiden 2, and it’s so wicked, also pretty hard, but man it’s cool, brutal, i can’t even count all the limbs i hacked off :D

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I played my first game of DotA today. Looks interesting, different from any other RTS I’ve played.

Except for that, I “play” Wii Fit almost every day.

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I looove! GTA 4! Bang Bang!

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Be a bit more specifiic pleease?

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My favorite game at the moment is Freelancer !

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i’ve been playing armored core 4, project zero II dir. cut, Jaws unleashed and still some gta4, can’t get enough of shooting up liberty city :D

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oh, my friend is addicted to GTA 4, he actually has the entire GTA collection.

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i remember the first GTA, top down, that was awesome really, then 2 topped that, then nothing topped that…

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omgggg the first two gta’s were soooooo baddd. I remember when gta 3 came out i was like this game is the shit. Wait this is the third one, that means theres two more out there. Went to blockbuster and rented them both that after noon. Played for about 5 min and wanted to kill myself.

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Don’t worry I don’t know any better.

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well jackson, i grew up with it, but i can understand it though, i’m sure i didn;t give some games a chance because of their age

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knights of the old republic. the first one.

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playing mercs 2, vampire night, forza 2, and a bit of gta4 right now

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