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What do you only do because it's habitual?

Asked by AnonymousWoman (6528points) September 2nd, 2012

Ex: Talking to someone constantly out of habit, eating the same junk food constantly, etc…

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Fluther, ha.

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I talk to myself. I try to not do it at work if there are others around, but sometimes it just happens.

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Check my e-mail.

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Watch my penis evacuate urine into the toilet bowl.
I know where i’m aiming so why look?

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Sleep on the left side of the bed.

That’s about it, really. There is really very little that I do that would discomfit me if I didn’t do it.

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Look out of the window first thing every morning.

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This is really dumb but I am a creature of habit in the morning. Everything I do is sort of a pattern that I don’t vary from. But I wouldn’t really say it doesn’t have a purpose. Its purpose is keeping me on track so I get out the door on time. It’s a silly interior monolog that includes the correct order of things to do in the shower and counting seconds when I touch up the ends of my hair with the curling iron. It sounds pretty OCD but I am not that way about anything else at all!!!

My commute is pretty routinized too. Once I bought my coffee from a different place than usual because I was picking up a sandwich for lunch and when I passed the place where I usually buy my coffee I walked in without thinking to get my coffee. Then I went “Oops! I already have my coffee!” I love how the place I always go to knows how to make it without my even telling them “Large coffee, whole milk, one Splenda”, lol.

Every Friday the guys that hand me my free newspapers AM New York and Metro New York tell me “Have a good weekend Darlin’!” I love that.

Sometimes habits can be good things.

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Conduct a “press check” before turning in.

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@woodcutter What kind of press check.

The kind to check if there is a round in the chamber?

The kind to check the press before printing? Or,

The kind where you press your hand against a girl’s crotch to see if there’s a penis there to make sure she’s not a tranny?

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Ha, the first one.
Did you google that?

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@woodcutter It’s kinda scary that that is your routine. WTF do you live?

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@woodcutter Yep. Checking the chamber was third.

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@Earthgirl Trust me it would be scary if it wasn’t a routine. Apparently I live in tweekerville central- ground zero. It was disturbing, learning that.
Takes about 2 seconds out of my evening just to know for sure. I’m partial to guarantees:)

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@woodcutter You mean this Tweekerville?
Apache Junction
Apache Junction is a city in Arizona, about 40 miles from Phoenix and the Central Metropolitan Area.

also known as AJ, Apache Junction is far away from the civilized cities of Arizona, it is a far drive for most people living in the metro area, which is a good thing.

Apache Junction is virtually 100% white trash shit. The population of Apache Junction is 95% white trash inbred rednecks, and 5% drunk fat indians who buy drugs from the rednecks.

It is known throughout the valley for being a METH haven. There are more meth-houses and cook-sites in this city than anywhere else in the state. The police are always arresting some redneck for making meth in his garage. Yet, the city is in the middle of nowhere and the police can’t monitor all of it.

Apache Junction is also known for prostitution and nasty white trash whores. Since nobody works, all people do is fuck and sell drugs. So there are a lot of nasty, skank ass stinky hookers all over looking to make money for drugs, and their pimps are usually a big ugly hillbilly named Buck, or Buddy.

The schools have 50% dropout rates, and no colleges. There is not one normal, regular, classy person living in this city.

Apache Junction is the most nasty, filthy, dirty, drug infested, white trash, crime filled, vile, horrendous piece of shit city in the entire state of Arizona, and it should be used a testing site for nuclear weapons.

DO NOT GO TO APACHE JUNCTION if you visit Arizona.”

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@Earthgirl Nope it’s a different one. I’ve always wanted to live in AZ someday but I will steer clear of that one thanks. I bet there are a lot of “press checks” going on there or certainly in the nearest town where the people have something to lose. It’s AZ, most people are probably armed anyway.
White trash is the best name for them and they are squirrelly around here. They are bold in a cowardly sort of way. It’s a cat and mouse game. They know I’m down there,They know I know. I take my walk through “the beaten zone” which reminds me of Chernobyl when we move through it. Clearing buildings suck. It is hauntingly quite there so a piece of loose sheet metal clacking from a breeze it could be them or not. It is surreal, and old amusement park and historical buildings that have gone too long without maintenance, where the trees have grown up through the ferris wheels and the ghost of Quanah Parker resides down there. Tweekers are prying anything and everything out of buildings and machinery that they can to sell to the recycling center to get cash for the next hit. They have been within 40 feet of our house that borders the place tearing copper out of a huge 100 HP electric motor that once powered a rollercoaster. It’s a matter of time before they make the commitment to cross the wire I cross going down there hunting for them. My wife is disabled and worries they will try to break in the house while she’s inside and I’m gone. These people weren’t born bad. I really believe that. But now they are, and whether one feels empathy for them for the lives they’ve ruined or disgust for them for the anxiety they cause, they have to be stopped or at least discouraged. I have infra red nite vision optics and go in and quietly scan the area. They are too crafty and always seem to be one step ahead of us / the county Sheriff, and the owner of the place, who has given me the go ahead to search also keeps a hot weapon in his farm truck. Frustrating but we keep the pressure on, like in Afghanistan where the good guys never win, or hardly win. It’s too bad people have to live like this but it is better to be prepared. They have weapons too and down there no one will notice a “pop” back here in the town.

I know my efforts have frustrated them at times because now it isn’t a free-for-all anymore.

And I expect some kind of retaliation to my property one of these days.

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It’s a bad habit,but I smoke a cigarette as soon as I wake up.

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@silky1 You and me bro. It’s stupid too, because when I wake up, I don’t even feel the need for one. :/

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@woodcutter Wow, that is intense. Thanks for explaining. I feel for you. I’d hate to live with that kind of insecurity.
Also, your amusement park reference reminded me of the opening pages of Ray Bradbury’s Death is a Lonely Business wherein he describes the run down town of Venice, California
Here it is if you want to read it. But I’m sure you meant nothing as poetic as what Bradbury describes here. Still, these opening pages of the book blew me away….in a good way, that is.

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