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Comfort food. Do you or don't you?

Asked by MilkyWay (13745points) April 5th, 2011

Some people drink alcohol, some sleep, some eat (like me).
What do you do when you’re worried or stressed? Do you eat “comfort food” ?

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What’s got you so stressed?

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Sometimes…but usually my comfort lies elsewhere, such as taking a guilt-free nap, cuddling up with a good book, etc. Chocolate is difficult to resist, however…

There will definitely be some comfort-something after this test tonight…

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See this list. Apparently many of us in Fluther have comfort food needs :D

Chocolate is good for your brain if you are stressed. You just need a little Serotonin released and life feels all better sometimes

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Hmm…maybe some chocolate before the test…

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No matter how much I comfort my food, it always cries out in fear just before I eat it. ;-p

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Right @SpatzieLover -Reese’s Peant Butter Cups…:)

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I don’t, but then i’m very rarely stressed out. Although I do remember gnawing my way through the occasional bag of liquorice comforts when I was a kid. Sweets for those who don’t know….yummy for my tummy :¬)

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Yes. Country fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, mac and cheese, biscuits, butter, beer

Steak, steak fries, beer

Fried chicken mashed potatoes, gravy, beer

fried catfish, mashed potatoes, gravy, mac and cheese, biscuits, beer

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I used to quite often. I have, for the most part, stopped. Comfort eating is part of why I gained as much weight as I did, and learning how to control it was a part of how I lost weight. Not the only part, of course, but certainly a part. And when I do have one of those moments, I tend to go for simple carbs like cookies or white bread.

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Occasionally, we will have a comfort food meal.

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Do I eat comfort foods? You bet your sweet hiney I do! Chocolate, fried foods, chocolate, fast food- especially Taco Bell or McDonalds, “Southern Cookin’” like chicken fried steak or steak fingers with mashed potatoes and gravy and corn, did I say chocolate already?

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yep, chocolate I’m afraid. It doesn’t like me as much as it used to though which is odd. Part of getting older maybe?

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I don’t eat when I’m stressed or worried. I do eat when I’m bored, though. Usually high carb crap. Potatoes, starchy breads, chips. I have a few odd ones, which I assume go back to my childhood, we were raised on a more ethnic cuisine. Sour cream is probably my biggest “comfort food.”

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I do, but I shouldn’t. If it counts, my comfort foods have gotten healthier over the years, but I still wish I wasn’t the type of person to eat for comfort.

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Not to the point of excess, but I may have a scoop of my favourite ice cream, a piece of candy, or a single-serving of a heavy meal. I have other ways of dealing with my stresses and sorrows.

Right now, I want an ooey-gooey grilled cheese sandwich.

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Not for me, I just don’t get stressed :-/ not anymore….

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feeling shit right now, so ima have a night of opiates, beer, steak, doner kebab, shish kebab, southern fried chicken, wedges, chips, milk, another beer and then do some weights.

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Whilst watching BBC history documentaries, clearly.

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When I’m stressed I go for a long walk. I don’t really do comfort food I’m more likely to lose my appetite altogether under stress.

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^Yeah walking is great, its nice out tonight too (in Shef)

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Lots and lots of stuff. Sometimes I hit the gym. Sometimes a hearty beer, or a glass of whisky.

Sometimes fried chicken, sometimes brownies and ice cream. I’m hungry now. Thanks alot!

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I eat food to comfort my empty stomach. Life would get very stressful very fast if we stopped eating food. But of course I know what you mean. Hot cocoa is my comfort food and puts me at ease so I can sleep after a stressful evening woking in a hospital lab.

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Yes :/ I don’t always seek comfort in food, but today I went hell for leather. I hope you feel less stressed soon.

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Thanks guys…not feeling my best right now.
Currently munching on some cola bottles… not gonna tell you what else i’ve eaten so far as it would take too long lol.

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well i feel better now, but ima have a hard time learning my japanese after two beers!

Chin up @queenie! take some time soon to get some air and admire some nature =}

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I love how Carl Sagan’s Cosmos puts my problems into perspective =]

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@The_Idler Thanks, I wish I could but I currently am nurturing a broken ankle…that had it’s stitches removed yesterday…lol.

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Comfort food is a cheese enchilada, pizza or matzo soup.

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@queenie boooooo ={

at least it’s getting better every day though! =]

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Foods generally deemed “comfort foods” are almost all I eat. I love heavy, stick to your ribs meals. Not because I need comforted. I just like them the most. I also like snacking. So I’m constantly eating, but when I’m actually gonna have a meal, I want it to be heavy. Not the greatest trait lol

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I sure do! which is how I’ve gained so much. When I entered the world of disabled and had to leave work, I got up close and personal with carbs- sandwiches at midnight, a little dark chocolate, Baed potatoes with mega butter.

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Just did! (Chocolate chip ice cream does wonders for a headache. At least for me.)

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Haha, phew…it’s not just me : D
Eat on fellow jellies!

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No! I never let food have an emotional component!

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I sleep 9 hours a night, eat all the comfort food and snacks I want, smoke pot, and drink beer and soda.
I’m 5’10, 170 lbs, and in relatively good health.
I get a mild cold once a year.
I been living this way for half a century.

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