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So why was she arrested for having sex with 4 of her students if they all were 18?

Asked by Dutchess_III (45313points) September 2nd, 2012

here is the story.

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The criminal charges were not statutory rape, but rather ‘improper relationship between an educator and student’. Also, the 20 years is the maximum punishment.

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Another member provided the answer on this thread. Texas state law prohibits teachers from having sexual relations with their students.

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Thanks. The Mouse can now eat this question too!

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Bit OTT if you ask me.
Was it 4 at the same time? (the dirty hornstress!)
Loose ya job ye, but 20 years?........OMFG!
just my luck… that never happened to me when I was in school… huh…

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Five students were involved.

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Sounds more like a porn shoot now, where they media studies students?
4 students and a teacher having a gang-bang, and 1 to record?
Maybe that’s how she got caught?
If it’s on youtube, anyone got a link?

“boys, today’s assignment, camera angles, lighting and probing…...”
“Oh, and your gonna have to do it nude….....”

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One student did capture some of the escapades on video. It was used as evidence in court. There were also numerous text messages between the group.

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A teacher can get 20 years for that??? Is this the USA or….? Shocking.

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In my opinion this isn’t even a criminal matter.

She should lose her job, lose her ability to teach ever again, and that should be the end of it.

If she gets any years or even probation, I think it’s an outrage.

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tedd, you are absolutely correct. But a person should not be arrested, handcuffed, and thrown in jail for such actions. It’s ridiculous, and not becoming of a ‘free’ society. Russia and England are more free than that. It’s also the result of religious dogma messing up a society.

I also don’t like the implications of double standards. That senator a few years ago, or whatever he was, that was reprimanded for sending salacious messages to16 year old male pages via the office computers, didn’t get arrested or handcuffed. Nothing happened to him.

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