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What should I do for my older brothers 18th birthday?

Asked by smile1 (493points) January 10th, 2010

His birthday is in May, but I want to think ahead of time.

Usually my parents dont do much for him on his birthday. I was thinking that becoming an adult is a big step, and wanted to do something special for him.

What can I do that will be memorable to him, and that he will appreciate!?

Something to keep in mind; I am at a financial disadvantage, so I cant really go on a huge spending spree.

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strip club

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Take all of the pictures of him as a little kid until now, and make a video of it. Take pictures of stuff that were inside jokes for the two of you.

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Take him out to buy/do something that he couldn’t do until he was 18. For example depending on where you are Fireworks.

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Go with him while he registers to vote.

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I’m under 18, so obviously I cant take him to strip clubs (which as his sister..would be weird…)....

I really like that slideshow idea!!

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What are some of his hobbies/interests? That might be helpful in determining what he would enjoy.

One general idea that could apply to anyone is to make a book. It is similar to the slideshow idea. But between now and May you secretly pass around the book to friends and family. Have them write memories of him, what they are proud of, and tips for being an adult. They can add pics they have as well. At the end you can go through it and spice it up with more pics etc..

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He likes football, basketball, rap (dancing to it too), hip hop, robotics, engineering, computer games and comics

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Nothing beats a fun time at the bowling alley with a lot of friends. Mix it up with a good movie, a fun restaurant that has games, and decent food, and perhaps a nice club where 18+ can hang out.

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I’ve never done that with by brother before…he doesnt have many friends, but I think I could figure something out…

Sounds like something that would be fun!!

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@smile1 :) it sure would be fun!

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