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If you're feeling really crappy, but only have a temperature of 100 degrees, should you take a fever reducer like ibuprofen before bed?

Asked by yankeetooter (9648points) September 2nd, 2012

I know it will help with the aches and pains, but I read somewhere once that you don’t want to suppress a fever if it’s not too high, because it keeps your body from being able to fight whatever it is as well.

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Yes. If you stick to the recommended dosage of 3000 mg./per 24 hours.

Sorry. That is the recommended dosage for Tylenol.

If you are taking Ibuprofin, make sure you have food in your stomach.

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Okay…that’s what I figured. Besides, I don’t want my fever to spike over night while I’m sleeping. Thanks, @gailcalled.

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I wouldn’t. I don’t like taking meds and usually avoid anything that isn’t strictly necessary. In the case you describe, I’d probably decide whether to take anything on the basis of the totality of symptoms and not just temperature.

But as you know, @yankeetooter, opinions given on fluther are no substitute for competent medical advice. If you’re worried, call your doctor’s office.

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Only take medication as directed on the label or by your doctor. When in doubt, call the doctor and ask.

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a fever even low grade could be something else going on, if it doesn’t break I would call your doctor you could have an infection of some sort going on and may need antibiotics to clear it.

I hope you feel better soon.

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Thank you, @creative1…it just started this afternoon, so I’m going to see how it is in the morning…

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It is rare that a few days of a low-grade fever require an antibiotic. Colds and flu are caused by viruses.

Get into bed, drink lots of fluid, watch junk on TV and wait it out.

Taking an occasional Tylenol or Advil is fine; it tends to be risky if you are over 65 and have aging livers and kidneys.

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200mg of ibuprofen (Advil) every 4–6 hours

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I’m with @Jeruba on this one, avoid taking medication – even over the counter medication. If the aches and pains are such that they will not disrupt your sleep, don’t take the meds that bring the fever down. Fever is your body’s way of fighting infection, let it do its job. Remember to do as @gailcalled suggests and drink plenty of liquids and get plenty of rest.

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Thanks, everyone…

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@yankeetooter Yes it may be true that your body may be fighting off an infection or bacteria of some sort but medication is ok. Don’t ever feel like you shouldn’t take it! If you were to sky rocket in temperature, you could die. Also, being weary, you might forget to drink. The medication might at least bring it down to a point where you can get yourself the will to get up and take a drink of water, and perhaps drink/eat some soup for calorie intake. I’m not saying others are wrong, I’m just saying never be afraid to take medication!

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Yeah, I took some last night, and I was glad I did. I don’t feel 100% this morning, but I do feel better for having slept well.

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@yankeetooter That’s good you slept well. Now it’s time to drink plenty of water and perhaps some green tea if you could get to it. Constantly urinating will do you some good, flushing the system that is, and green tea with anti oxidants will help restore oxidized (damaged) cells before they are overall dead cells. Also the safe levels of caffeine per green tea serving should wake your mind.

Is your nose stuffed yet? Try giving it a massage. This photo should help

Also pinch the eyebrow area.

Remember, plenty of fluids and plenty of rest!

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Oh…feeling better. Now it’s devolved into your run of the mill cold…

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How are you doing now?

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Okay, thanks…still have the cold.

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@yankeetooter It’s important to not be stressed out during this time of need. Call in sick, e-mail professors etc. This will ensure a speedy and quality recovery. The human immune system is one of the glorious phenomena the cosmos could evolve into, however it needs time and rest :D

L’Chaim to a speedy recovery for you!

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Thanks, but I can’t call out…we are short staffed this week as it is…

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