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Should I try to talk to him?

Asked by aggsalmost18 (76points) September 3rd, 2012

Two years ago a boy in my class liked me. He made it really clear, always attempting to talk to me or make me laugh by just acting goofy. He even flirted with me in front of his friends and genuinely acted like he cared, instead of acting like a jerk like most guys do in front of their friends. The only problem was, he was (and still is) a football player, and I was afraid of getting hurt, because they have such a bad reputation of being players. Now we’re seniors and more mature, but I have no classes with him. I’ve seen him standing alone in the hallway and he looked at me but I was too nervous to say anything. It was almost like he wanted me to make a move, but I didn’t, and I’m afraid it might be too late now. We are friends on facebook, but with his busy schedule, he never gets on, so I don’ t know how or if I should try to talk to him after making him look pathetic two years ago?

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Put the moves on him. Since he’s a football player, he might like the latest Madden NFL release. (It’s a video game in case you don’t know what that is) It’ll be an easy way to break the ice and this massive tension you have between you two.

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Ask him to go out for coffee or a soda. Say that you miss talking to him. If you do nothing,. nothing will happen.

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@aggsalmost18 welcome to fluther! When in the hall say Hi to him, try to make small talk like asking if he plans on going to college or something else that may start a conversation. It will show your interest especially if while talking you say something like do you want to continue this over coffee of something.

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Is this the same guy that you were texting with?

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Let it go. There will be other men in your life. I think we tend to look backwards with longing at chances as if they are somehow more important that what is to come. I don’t know, but in the long run, I don’t think it matters. You will find someone.

Now if you really like this guy, and you like him for him, and not despite him being a football player or whatever other things you fantasize about him, then maybe you could get to know him better. But just to get to know him better. Your ship done sailed, honey, when you let all those extraneous thoughts get in the way the last time.

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Yes, do…talk to him…be courageous and vulnerable, then you’ll know x

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