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Is beer vegan friendly?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) September 8th, 2012

Is there vegan beer?

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I typed “vegan beer” into google and came across this:


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Craft ale, real ale and cask beer is generally not vegan-friendly, as isinglass is used in the filtering process to remove dead yeast at the end of the brewing process. Stouts such as Guinness also still use it (stouts also have lactose added). However, most mass-produced lager and light beer no longer uses isinglass because of the cost and instead the beer is pasturised and cold-filtered, which is vegan-safe. However, even those breweries may resort to isinglass filtering if they have a “bad batch”.

Very few breweries will declare they never use animal products in their filtering process; two notable exceptions are Sam Smiths in the UK and Miller-Coors in the US.

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I agree with @downtide. Here is some more Information with some lists of breweries and whether they make vegan beer or not.

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oh yes, yes. All alcohol is vegan-friendly. The best part of being vegan. grains, fruits, vegetables
beer—hops, scotch—barley or corn, vodka—potatoes, wine—grapes. And things like kahlua, cherry heering, kirsch, brandy etc

just avoid Bailey’s Irish Cream and mixed drinks with milk products

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@anartist Actually that’s not correct. Many types of wine and beer and other alcohol is not vegan at all because of the way it is processed. Read more about that Here

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