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What would you charge for grocery shopping and delivery?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9824points) September 10th, 2012

Was just chatting with a family member about this who may be in need of a personal shopper.

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We have a few different options for this in our area (online or phone ordering and delivery) and the delivery fees range between $2 and $8.95. Many many groceries have begun offering this as a perhaps ask around if you live in a metropolitan area. (Heck, we live rural and we’ve been able to get grocery delivery for $2.)
Wal-mart, Peapod and many other retailers provide this (at least here in the US).

If your family member is elderly they may also qualify for a free (volunteer) service to do their shopping if they live in an area that provides it.
We have a service like that for seniors in my area.

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the store near me charges 10 bucks for it

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Safeway dot com charges a low of $3.95 to a high of 12.95 based on order size and how quickly you need it. The higher charge is for faster delivery of less than $150 in groceries.

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