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How can I make my hair grow faster?

Asked by tianalovesyou (711points) September 10th, 2012

I JUST got a new haircut. Its probably the worst one I have ever had and that is saying something considering I have had some really bad haircuts before. Its pretty short and I want to grow out my hair to at least a couple inches below my chin. Is there any way I can speep up the growth of my hair?

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Unfortunately, no. There is nothing that you can eat or put on it that will make it grow any faster.

If it is a matter of a bad cut job, go to another salon and see if someone can fix it for now with a small trim. They also be able to advise you on how to style it differently until it grows to the desired length. And remember, the good news is that it will indeed grow over time.

In the meantime, try to embrace the change. You may find that you like it. I did.

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You can take biotin supplements.

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Would sleeping a lot help? Just an idea.
Does hair grow faster in your sleep than when you’re awake? I’ve heard of other things growing faster in your sleep, like wounds healing faster and the like.

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Along with what Marinelife said I would add comb it every 5 hours if you have the opportunity. Physically the slight tugging might pull out the hair. (Sometimes hair grows inside the “pour” and isn’t fully let out all the way)

Also heard a myth once that the queens of Egypt would brush their hair often, up to 100 strokes per session and it was common practice. Of course this was from a teacher from elementary so I don’t have a source link.

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@marinelife Biotin is recommended for hair and nail strength, not growth. From what I’ve read, even that hasn’t been proven to be fact.

@Fyrius I don’t think that the body heals or grows hair faster during the sleep process. It’s the fact that getting an adequate amount of sleep on a regular basis helps the body heal. Hair grows on a specified cycle based upon genetics. This includes length, speed, and the location of the hair follicle. It also pertains to hair loss, i.e., balding.

@_Whitetigress Brushing and combing will rid the head of any loose hair. It might also pull out ones that are already healthy and still growing. In the latter case, it only causes more hair loss. Hair follicles, where the growth occurs, will have to start over again.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I am speaking from personal experience. My hair grows thicker and longer faster when I take biotin. I believe chyna also uses it.

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@marinelife Now I am curious. How do you know that it grows faster by taking biotin?

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Hair grows an average of ½ inch a month, a little more in summer, a little less in winter. People think my hair grows fast, but it is still just about ½ inch a month. I saw a video on YouTube a while back where the person was trying out a growth shampoo. She claimed to see a little more growth (¾ inch in a month) but she also lost more hair than usual. I think your best bet it getting it reshaped and being patient.

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Leave it alone. Don’t get it cut for at least a year.

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I know how you feel! so the feeling will get better they say it takes ten days to start to even like or get used to a new haircut. Then there are preparations which may have different names there that DO make hair grow faster. I know because I have seen people use them. In the meantime fall in love with your new haircut, make sure the condition is great and even the color. Certain vitamins also assist hair growth and quality of hair, you may have to do a bit more research.

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@Pied_Pfeffer By how often I need to cut it.

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Only shampoo when needed and condition using moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, avoiding any products with silicone in them because that is very damaging to the hair. Also do not brush your hair while wet, instead use a leave in conditioner and wide tooth comb and gently comb starting at ends. Three times a week saturate and massage coconut oil (the thick more solid kind not pure oil liquid) into scalp and hair paying particular attention to the ends of your hair. Wash it out the next morning, it may take two times but coconut oil is one of the few things that can penetrate your hair and repair or from the inside out. Vitamin supplements are very important for healthy hair. Take these up to three times daily: folic acid, biotin, keratin, and fish oil. Always use a heat protectant before blow drying or thermal styling and avoid putting it up in a tight band to reduce breakage. If you follow these steps you will see a significant change fairly quickly. Also a good thing to do is wear your hair in a satin bonnet at night while you sleep. You can buy them at your local beauty supply store for cheap

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