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How often do you see your significant other?

Asked by imgr8 (429points) September 10th, 2012

This comes up a lot in conversations with friends, of course everyone is different, but im wondering what the norm is. In the first year or so of a relationship how often do you see your partner?

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As often as possible. We love spending time together. Daily at least.

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Well, I’m married to the guy, so… I see him every day. When we were first dating, we worked together, so I pretty much saw him every day then, too! Thinking back to other relationships in the past, I’d say at least twice a week.

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Yikes, I must be getting old, it’s starting to get hard to remember back to first years.

Every situation’s been a little different. The last two were pretty exceptional in that I very nearly married the first and did marry the second. In those cases it was something like two of three weekend days (fri, sat, sun) and the random day or five sprinkled in during the week. That amounted to “as much as possible” in the first case and what I had become accustomed to in the second (though that one started slower). In both cases after what I felt was a pretty short time – somewhere around the four month mark in the first case and around the one year mark in the second – we found ourselves living together I’d better have that second one right or I’m begging for a smack. So at that point daily or nearly so. Prior to them, it was more like every other weekend for a long weekend and a day here and a day there sprinkled in, other things had greater influence back then too.

Nowadays, being married, nearly every day, but we still manage to miss each other now and again when things get hectic.

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Every day. Most of them we speak too.

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Well, I reserve “significant other” for an exclusive relationship. Ideally, I would see this person every day. However, if we lived in separate cities, that might not be possible. Then I would be talking on the phone every day—and texting, and video chatting and emailing constantly throughout the day.

If it was someone I was dating but not exclusively, I think I might see them every three or four days or so. Maybe twice on weekends. There would be phone calls and texts in between.

But I tend to fall in love quickly, so a relationship rapidly moves to the exclusive stage for me, or else it dies. Occasionally, I’ve had friends with benefits, but those never seem to last long. For some reason, with me, either it is intense and deep, or it isn’t anything at all. That probably makes sense to anyone who has read much of what I have written. If you like intensity, you might like me. But if you don’t like intensity, I’m not going to be to your taste.

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I’d say 6 outta 7 days of the week. Sometimes all 7. I don’t need a ton of alone time, but I do need a little. And mostly when we are together we stay low key, hang out at home and just enjoy each others company, laughing at everything and talking and snuggling and that’s the way I like it.

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every. single. day.

We’re married after all.

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Back when we first started going out we lived 45 minutes apart. Wednesday and the weekends we were always together but couldn’t always manage to find a way to get together the other days (its hard when you dont drive yet).

Now we live together so I get to see her everyday :)

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Almost every day….when I am on a bus trip it might be 2–4 days and coming home is always a joy!

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Ideally, we’d see each other every day and still do.

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Every day. We love being together.

When we were first together we saw each other pretty much every day. When we didn’t see each other we usually talked on the phone or chatted online.

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My relationship is long distance but we usually see each other about twice or week! We’d both love to be together every day but it’s not possible right now because of work commitments. It’s been this way for years now. We speak every day though, usually about 3 or 4 times.

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pssh…...I saw him at least 5 days out of the week. Ideally you would see them every day (but we are in college and didn’t have cars our first year so that changes things).

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