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Should I ask him to homecoming?

Asked by aggsalmost18 (76points) September 12th, 2012

I know normally the guy asks the girl, but he’s kind of mad at me right now (long story) so should I ask him? We are only friends right now, but I felt like we were close to the relationship stage before we stopped talking. We haven’t talked for three weeks, but I still think there are feelings between us. I don’t want to ask him and him say no, but I can almost guarantee he won’t ask me. Should I take the chance or just go with my friends? Any advice would be great :)

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Yes. You’ll be more sorry in 10 years if you don’t ask him than you will be if you ask him and he says “no.” The worst that can happen is that you remain in your current state of being distant from one another. The best that can happen is you get back on track. So really, what do you have to lose?

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Why the heck not, you don’t know until you ask him if he wants to go or not and this way years later you won’t be asking yourself what if…...

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I’d ask, just because I was always of the mind that the worst they can say is “no”, so what if they do, “no” is a sight better than “what if”. Anyway, that’s me, but honestly, either choice you make go and enjoy yourself, don’t let it be on him whether or not you have fun.

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@aggsalmost18 And you need to use the same answer you just gave to sydneymatilda. :)

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And it was a good answer @Adirondackwannabe. Take the risk @aggsalmost18. Looking back with regret will be far worse than him saying ‘no thanks’ now. He may say yes or it may open up an opportunity for you both to resolve whatever caused the conflict.

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Tell him that you are sorry about your disagreement. Apologize for those things you are genuinely sorry for. Then tell him that Homecoming won’t be the same if you two are still fishting and ask if he will go with you.

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Just do it.

I didn’t, and it took me another five years before I found out the guy was gay. Talk about awkward regrets.

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