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What is your favorite word?

Asked by Grabbins (87points) June 4th, 2008

I love the word cress =)

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my favourites are here

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What shrubbery said.

Then again, if you don’t restrict it to the English language, I’d say… Hmm, let me think… Well, off the top of my head, I’d say “draaideur” as just one word I like. I don’t really have a favourite though.

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hehe, good one, or “kinderkoppen”, you know, the small blocks used in old roads

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rumble. It rolls off the tongue well and sounds cool when it’s repeated. Go ahead, try it.

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the state of being infatuated or obsessed with another person, typically involuntary, and characterized by a strong desire for reciprocation of one’s feelings but not primarily for a sexual relationship.

Or, as I describe it, the butterflies in the beginning of a relationship.

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ninja….. I been calling my friends ninjas for about 2 years.

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Oxyhaemoglobin… it has a fun feel in my mouth when I say it, if that makes sense.

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Envoy! It’s just fun to say!

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Best word ever.

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Go buster!!!

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Im going to have to agree with buster lol.

Dimethyltryptamine has a nice little ring to it as well ^__^

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@iwamoto – never heard of it, but it’s nice to pronounce :)

@elchoopanebre – I like superfluous :)

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Squelch (I love the way the word feels in your mouth as you say it)

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Callipygous – adj. Having beautifully proportioned buttocks.

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(do names count?)

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@ Scamp – Would you say you had a plethora of piñatas? because I wouldn’t want someone telling me they had a plethora of piñatas if they did not no what a plethora was.

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Bri_L I can’t say I ever had a plethora of pinata’s, but it sure would be alot of fun!! Thanks for the smile, Amigo!!

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hehehe you got it!

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Yes I did!!

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Excellent words shockvalue!!! and and umlat for extra points despite my inability to spell umlat.

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(umlaut) I cannot possibly pick out one word. I love them all. When my kids were young teens and grumpy, and I wanted to take a picture, I used to pick words that they weren’t expecting. For example, I’d say, “Say penis.” That did it.

Their favorite word for a while was *limacine.”

@Tupara: I would use *callipygian.”

My favorite group of words are “Your mammogram came back fine.”

My least favorite words are definitely, suck and platypus.

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@gailcalled – you just made me laugh, how childish of me :P

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@Vincent; that is one of my roles here- the court jester. It gives me pleasure (and is very good for your immune system, too.) I find that the unpredictable answer usually works better than the opposite. Sometimes, I can guess what’s coming from the user name alone.

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I learned 3 new spellings and 2 new words from gail who has single handedly raised my vocab as well as the accuracy by her kind and forgiving ways! YES!

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Indubitably, although I invariably have a hard time saying it.
Mnemonic, because I love the secret M.
Massage, for the soft g sound. It buzzes nicely.

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Apostrophe – a lot of letters for a diminutive mark.

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Not for what the word represents, though babies are lovely. I just like the look and sound of it.

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