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If your best friend dialed you by accident and you overheard him talking about you, would you hang up or listen?

Asked by rockfan (7224points) September 16th, 2012 from iPhone

I wouldn’t listen. Or at least I don’t think I would…

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I would listen and respond. If he were talking bad about me, I would assume that he would not want him as a friend in the future.

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I’d listen a minute to find out who was talking and, if it was people I knew, I’d laugh and let them know I heard everything they were saying. Let them sputter a bit and sign off. We could perhaps talk about it later. Or not.

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How could I resist? I wouldn’t blatantly reference it to him/her, though.

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It’s none of my business. If it’s good I’ll probably find out in time, if it’s bad she’s certainly given me an ear-full already, or will so shortly, so I don’t need another.

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I would listen. Might hear things I don’t like (or hopefully things I do like) and that will be my own fault for eavesdropping. I know I’m nosy though.

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I would listen because I don’t think I could help myself – I could not resist.

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Listen with ears wide open!!!!

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I think there’s a big difference between spying and walking past an open door when someone’s shouting.

The phone called you. If they pocket-dialed, too bad for them, for not locking their keypad.

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Definitely listen. Hey its not my fault he butt dialed me.

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I think I’d listen in. Seems like a good way to know whether or not someone is worthy of your friendship.

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I’d listen, but I’d probably blurt out after 20 seconds “So this is what you motherfuckers really think of me, eh? Assholes!” and hang up.

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