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How many friends lost contact with you ?

Asked by Hibernate (9063points) June 28th, 2011

I know that even the definition of “friend” should imply keeping in touch… still, there are times when you loose touch with them.
Be it they moved to another country or city .. or simply by starting a family and having to devote themselves more to them etc

How many people forgot to call you or to say hi once in a while ?

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I don’t know what it is about the NW, but a number of my old friends got into heroin and/or oxycontin (sp). I can’t feel sorry for everyone, so I just pay attention to the ones with some motivation.

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I loose contact with many of my friends over the summer and during holidays. There is facebook, sure, but it isn’t the same.

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I’m terrible about keeping in touch. I have an uncle that lives 5 minutes away that I haven’t seen in 5+ years.

My official answer is “too many”.

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I’m so old I out lived all my friends (not really) but I can still count my enemies while those rolling stones play on.. Bah!!

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One of the things I love about facebook is a chance to reconnect with old friends. In the last couple of months I have reconnected with my best friend from 5th grade and a great post high school friend. Since facebook I have probably reconnected with 20 good friends from various times in my 50 years. It has been really special as I had been feeling a real sense of loss when it came to my friendships.

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I agree with @FutureMemory, “too many.” I’ve lived in 7 states/12 towns. My mind works very much in the here and now, which means I think about my old friends frequently, but I don’t sit down to contact them as frequently as I’d like. Facebook’s been great, to say hi here and there, but I have to see them in person to have any real conversation.
What’s really, really cool is when you haven’t seen someone for years and there’s not one bit of awkwardness when you start chatting again. That’s the best kind of “lost” friend- one that was never really “lost,” just “not here for now.”

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Well friendship is the best thing that can happen in your life. But sadly it is really hard to keep hold on to that for a long time for various reasons. I have lost contact of all my school and college friends. But i have made a new friends where i am working. So it is the chain of life you lose some friends and you gain some.

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I’ve lost track, not only of many, many friends, but of my extended family, including a ½ sister! : ((

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No idea, doesn’t bother me much.

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I lost track of pretty much all of my friends from high school and college when I decided to stop calling them and see who called me. Didn’t hear from any of them. Not one. That really sucked, and kind of hurt, but I figured that life just kind of gets away from people, and I was tired of doing all the connecting. I moved on and made friends based on what I was getting into at the time.

Couple years ago I heard from a high school buddy right before our 20th reunion. Now we talk every now and then. Another one of our high school friends hooked up with me through him, so I now I speak with him too.

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Pretty much all the ones who were friends with me before the age of 50. Of the ones I’ve made since I was 50, I think three will be long term friends.

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I’m horrible at keeping in touch with people I used to know. I really don’t keep in contact with old friends.

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A few because they moved far away. Otherwise, I’ve had friends who I still see around, but we’re not close anymore. It’s mostly been because we would always do kind of crazy shit but we wouldn’t bond in any other way than being foolish. When we ran out of stuff to do, there wasn’t any other structure to our friendship, so we parted ways. The friends I have now all have a blast even when we’re just bored and doing nothing.

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A few and it’s almost always been because I have moved so much, all my life.

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I regularly lose contact with my friends because my life is busy. But a friend, to me, is one that doesn’t get angry or anxious about a few months with no contact. I enjoy people for who they are and, really, the longer I go between seeing them the more I have to catch up on when we do connect again.

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Thanks for replies :)

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