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Need help interpreting a dream?

Asked by easterngirl (7points) September 17th, 2012

Last night I had a dream of a man I adore who lives 11 hours away, that I was living close to him. I would go to his place and stay over and he had a beautiful room that had an indoor swimming pool. My son would come sometimes and would be swimming. His boss, who he rented this room from told me that he wanted me to stop going there to see this man I know. I questioned why and he said that we were spending too much time together. I told the boss that he can tell him, he said No, I had to. And if I told this man that he had said this, then he would fire him. I am not sure what it means.

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The boss is your consciousness telling yourself that you are thinking of this man way too much and can start to become unhealthy for your mind as you become more and more obsessed with “what could possibly” happen with you two. You’re already fantasizing him interacting with your kid. “The boss” is stepping up and warning you. Typically in life, “the boss” is in charge and nearly always right in how to run the ship. “The boss” is protecting it’s investment. Good luck. <3

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good way to look at this! thank you. Yes I think of this man often, as we spent 9 days together this summer in his State and we chat almost daily. A long distance relationship is for sure difficult. Just hoping we can be together someday, and yes its probably making me crazy or unhealthy as you say. thank you.

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Well yes unhealthy not in the sense that it will make you mentally sick or anything. More like, you could possibly be shutting out every other potential new relationship with people with the same proximity as you. Anyhow, best wishes to you and your endeavors with him :D

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