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Are you an undecided voter?

Asked by Judi (39784points) September 24th, 2012 from iPhone

I can’t for the life of me figure out who would be undecided at this point in the election. If you’re undecided, what are you waiting to hear?

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I was leaning Obama, willing to keep my mind open a couple weeks ago. There are some things I really am not happy about with Obama. I was waiting to hear Romney more. I had turned of politics for several months. I was holding outsome hope Romney would move towards the center once he received the nomination. I listened to him on 60 Minutes last night, and now I am decided for sure, barring anything crazy popping up in the next few weeks, that I will vote for Obama. I still will watch the debates though. I still want to know what they both say when facing each other on a topic.

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No, but I really wish I was. I was hoping for more of an even race, but alas…

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The Republicans keep getting more and more off to the radical right. So it’s harder and harder to feel like there’s any choice. The Tea Party has too much influence, and the Republicans have lost any semblance of sensibility.

I wonder what it would feel like to have a real choice. I don’t know if I’ve ever had one in my life. Well maybe when Clinton ran against Obama. That was probably about the closest. But I was a Clinton supporter from the beginning, so even then….

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How could I be given the other one is Romney? Can anyone really be an undecided voter unless they think the entire Reb/Dem split is useless and want another party’s candidate?

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No, I am definitely NOT an undecided Voter – I do not trust Romney & Ryan at all. Obama is far from perfect as our President, but he is eons better than Romney & Ryan.

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Hell yea..It’s Romney.

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I am very much decided.

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I decided long ago. Just looking at that whole silly group at the primary debates last fall made me wonder what in God’s name had happened to a Republican party whose leaders now pride themselves with ignorance and a lack of education suffused with superstition. And all they’ve done since is reinforce it.

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I NEVER vote republican.

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Neither O nor R are my first choice for President unfortunately.

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Nope. I go for the least of all evils, and this time, it’s Obama. Not my first choice by a long shot, but the only viable alternative we have.

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Didn’t we just do this one?

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@woodcutter, I was away from my computer a few days, maybe I missed it.

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Nope. I’ve decided on Obama the moment I realize Romney was the other choice. It really wasn’t a choice this time.

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