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Generally, how long does your battery last on your iPhone after a charge?

Asked by Hollister0221 (502points) June 4th, 2008 from iPhone
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Do you mean ‘after a charge? It lasts barely 4 hours. Which is really sad.

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yea that’s what I meant. Or before it needs a charge. Sorry

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Mine goes all day, if I use it constantly all day it will be almost dead around 10 at night.

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about a day not as long as I would like

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I use my miniature fun-square all-day with 0% backlight (lowest) and it lasts hardly longer than three of moms soap operas.

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miniature fun square?

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I read you should let it drain down a good bit before recharging. Works out the battery

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Depends if I fluther on it or not. When I just use it as a phone, it can last a day or two. If I play music and fluther, it lasts a few hours, 4–5

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I work outside. So I find the heat kills the battery also. Can’t be good for phone too. LOL

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@willbrawn, I meant fun rectangle.

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Mine works almost all day. I definitely have to charge it up at night though.

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depends on what programs you use. I find listening to music economical, but web surfing and movie viewing are a lot more taxing on the battery.

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